Diversity in Tech

Diversity in Tech, as well as the private sector in general, fosters an environment that is open to fresh thinking and diverse viewpoints. We’re not simply talking about eradicating prejudice against women. Race, ethnicity, religion, age, level of handicap, and sexual orientation are all included in this diversity. Gender in Tech The data show that gender is a widespread issue in the sector, one that is now finally being discussed publicly. In the workforce, women may represent 53% of the total, with a percentage of roughly 50% in STEM sectors. However, IT and engineering are well behind the rest of the STEM industries. Tech is the only one of these fields where women’s underrepresentation has become worse since 1990. (No, there was no typo.) The industry’s dismal retention rates are the cherry on top of all of these stats. An increasing number of women are quitting the computer industry, but not because of the jobs or responsibilities. It’s cultural. Racial Diversity in Tech You could be scratching your brain about gender diversity, but that’s actually only the tip of the iceberg. Only one to three percent of the tech personnel at large tech businesses are black or Hispanic, which is exceptionally low. In the tech industry, the proportion of African Americans and Hispanic employees is around half that of the rest of the private sector. Did we also mention that 83% of tech executives are white?
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