tennerr and the Future of Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

A new company called tennerr (https://www.tenner.jm.live) has revealed some ambitious diversity representation and inclusion objectives and a thorough strategy for accomplishing them.

Data-based studies and anecdotal accounts of unrepresentative directorship paint an uneven picture of the current condition of diversity among directors of UK technology businesses. Women and people of color, in particular, are still vastly underrepresented in the IT industry.

Several initiatives have been launched to correct what is seen as an imbalance in the representation of various groups in the IT industry, such as campaigns to inspire more young women to pursue STEM jobs and efforts to close the gender gap in corporate leadership. Women are still grossly underrepresented in the technological industry in the UK, despite decades of progress toward workplace equality. Furthermore, only 15% of the digital tech workforce in the UK are from BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) backgrounds, and despite a growing number of interventions that aim to shed light on, and address the disparity in the boardroom, the percentage of appointed directors of tech companies in the UK has remained essentially unchanged since the year 2000.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for new businesses.

“Diversity is not ‘optional,’ and now is the moment to talk about accountability,” said tennerr founder Dean Jones. Companies should cease viewing diversity and inclusion as a PR problem and strategy. What you don’t see won’t let you be it. Every level of society needs leaders who can serve as examples. tennerr recognizes the need of fostering a diverse and inclusive leadership pipeline in order to build a strong technology industry.

Following are some of tennerr’s aims in the area of diversity and inclusion:
(1) Achieving parity between the sexes in STEM fields (of all roles).
(2) Make sure that Black and Latinx candidates account for at least 30% of all new roles (both internal and external).
In order to complete the employment process, (3) a minority applicant must be interviewed.
Fourteen) Everyone on employees must complete diversity and inclusion education.

To quote Jones: “One of our goals is to identify and expand the talent pool from which senior executives are chosen. Nonetheless, some claim that once a corporation reaches a certain number of people, it becomes difficult to achieve substantial change; however, startups provide some hope. There’s a decent possibility of success if you begin at the beginning. tennerr’s mission is to contribute to the diversification of the IT sector’s workforce by fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace from the outset.

The top tier of the tech industry has a very global leadership. Compared to 13% of directors across all industries and 13.8% of the general UK population, 18% of IT directors are not British citizens.

Jones stated, “The business focus of tennerr is not just on delivering exceptional customer job, but also about our ‘team behind the scenes,'” which he defined as people who work on and support tennerr’s digital platforms.

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