Why was my job denied on tennerr?

If your job was denied on tennerr, it could be due to several reasons. While I can’t provide specific information about your case, here are some common reasons why jobs may be denied on freelance marketplaces:

  1. Violation of Terms of Job: Your job may have violated the platform’s terms of job or community guidelines. It’s important to review and adhere to the rules set by the marketplace to ensure compliance.
  2. Incomplete or Inadequate Job Description: If your job description was unclear, incomplete, or did not provide enough information about the job you were offering, it may have been denied. Make sure to provide detailed and comprehensive information about your skills, expertise, and the specific jobs you offer.
  3. Low Quality or Irrelevant Portfolio Samples: The portfolio samples you provided may not have met the quality standards or relevance criteria set by the platform. Ensure that your portfolio showcases your best work and aligns with the type of jobs you are offering.
  4. Overcrowded Job Category: If the job category you selected was overcrowded with similar offerings, your job may have been denied to maintain a balanced marketplace and avoid duplication.
  5. Intellectual Property or Copyright Infringement: If your job involved using copyrighted materials, trademarks, or intellectual property without proper authorization or licenses, it could result in job denial.
  6. Inappropriate or Offensive Content: Jobs that contain inappropriate, offensive, or discriminatory content are likely to be denied to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment on the platform.
  7. Insufficient Experience or Expertise: If you did not demonstrate sufficient experience or expertise in the job you were offering, it could lead to job denial. Ensure that your profile highlights your relevant skills, qualifications, and experience.

It’s recommended to reach out to the support team of tennerr for specific feedback regarding the denial of your job. They can provide more insight into the reasons behind the decision and offer guidance on how to improve your job for future submissions.

Remember to carefully review the platform’s guidelines, optimize your job description, showcase your best work, and ensure compliance with all rules and regulations to increase the chances of having your jobs approved on tennerr.

Note: The reasons mentioned above are general possibilities, and the specific policies and criteria of tennerr may vary.


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