Remote Work to Gig Economy A Creative Freelancer Glossary

Remote Work to Gig Economy: A Creative Freelancer Glossary

🐓 Greetings, feathered friends and savvy solvers of the digital dawn! Welcome to a cluck-tastic compendium of freelance finesse, where we proudly unveil the A to Z of the modern work landscape. 🎨

Are you ready to dive into the swirling sea of terminologies, where 1099 Workers and Top Rated Sellers (TRS) flap their wings of wisdom? Look no further, for we’ve corralled the quirkiest quips and the sharpest feathers to feather your freelance journey!

Whether you’re a Buyer seeking the Picasso of programming or a Seller with skills sharper than a rooster’s crow, this glossary is your trusty compass in the bewildering world of buzzwords. From Custom Offers that dazzle like a peacock’s display to Resolutions that sparkle brighter than the morning sun, we’ve got it all. 🌄

So, freelancers of the first light and moonlight warriors, join us in this rooster-worthy rodeo through definitions that dance like the rhythm of the rain on a tin roof. Let’s uncover the mystery of Levels, the magic of Mutually Canceled plans, and the symphony of Jobs that make clients crow with delight.

And fret not, for even if you’re in a Rogue Spend labyrinth or a Risk Management riddle, our glossary is your beacon of understanding. Navigate through this feathered adventure with us as we explore the highs and lows of the gig galaxy, from On-Demand Wizards to Fixed-Price Enchanters.

So, saddle up, dear freelancing trailblazers, and let’s gallop through this glossary, where every definition is a nugget of knowledge, a pebble of power, and a feather in your freelancing cap. Here’s to the realm where Jobs are celebrated, Responses are swift, and Rising Talents shine like constellations in the freelance cosmos.

Let’s embark on this journey together, where words take flight and freelancers rule the roost! 🚀

  1. 1099 Worke
  2. Assignment 
  3. Buyer
  4. Consultant
  5. Contingent Worker
  6. Contingent Workforce Program
  7. Contractor
  8. Custom Offers
  9. Dashboard
  10. Direct Sourcing
  11. Earnings
  12. Employee
  13. Extended Workforce 
  14. Fixed Priced Job
  15. Freelancer 
  16. Gig Worker 
  17. Human Capital Management (HCM)
  18. Independent Contractor (a.k.a. Independent Worker)
  19. Job
  20. Levels
  21. Non-Employee
  22. Mutual Cancellation
  23. Outsourced Workers
  24. On-Demand Worker
  25. On-Demand Labor
  26. Order
  27. Packages
  28. Part-Time Employee
  29. Response Rate
  30. Resolution Center
  31. Revision
  32. Rising Talent
  33. Risk Management
  34. Rogue Spend
  35. Seller
  36. Job
  37. SOW
  38. Tags
  39. Talent Pool
  40. Temporary Employees (a.k.a. “Temp”)
  41. Top Rated Sellers (TRS)
  42. Vendor Management System (VMS)
  43. W-2 Employee

1099 Worker

Definition: A versatile and self-reliant individual who dances at the intersection of flexibility and entrepreneurship. A 1099 worker is a modern-day artisan of autonomy, offering their specialized skills and jobs to clients while embracing the exhilarating journey of self-employment. This classification, named after the tax form 1099, signifies a unique status in the realm of work.

Description: A 1099 worker is a dynamic professional who operates under a distinct employment arrangement, characterized by independence and versatility. Unlike traditional employees, who receive a W-2 tax form, 1099 workers navigate their own path, managing their work schedules, project choices, and client interactions. This category encompasses a wide range of roles, from freelancers and consultants to gig economy participants, each forging their own destiny.

At tennerr, we understand the allure of the 1099 worker lifestyle. Our platform provides a nurturing environment where these innovative individuals can showcase their expertise, connect with clients seeking their unique skills, and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary work. By embracing the mantle of self-employment and the freedoms it entails, 1099 workers by tennerr are trailblazers, shaping their professional narrative and contributing to the diverse tapestry of modern employment.


Definition: An orchestrated journey into the realms of creativity and expertise, an assignment is a carefully crafted endeavor that fuels the collaborative dance between skilled individuals and visionary clients. It is a harmonious fusion of imagination and purpose, an invitation to transform ideas into tangible manifestations.

Description: An assignment, in the realm of tennerr, is an intricate tapestry woven from the threads of innovation and collaboration. It is a symphony of talent where clients entrust their aspirations to the adept hands of skilled professionals. Assignments span a diverse spectrum, from content creation and design projects to consultation and technical wizardry, each carrying the promise of progress and transformation.

At tennerr, an assignment isn’t just a task; it’s an embodiment of creativity and dedication. It begins with a vision, a spark that ignites the collaboration between clients seeking solutions and experts ready to weave their magic. The assignment becomes a vessel, sailing through the waters of communication and collaboration, carrying dreams from inception to realization.

Our platform facilitates the orchestration of these assignments, providing a nurturing environment where talents converge, ideas flourish, and innovation thrives. Whether you’re embarking on an assignment as a skilled professional or entrusting your project to our community of experts, the journey is infused with purpose, passion, and the promise of excellence.


Definition: A Buyer within the tennerr ecosystem refers to a valued client seeking professional freelance jobs to fulfill specific project needs. Buyers are at the heart of the platform’s vibrant marketplace, driving collaboration, innovation, and successful project outcomes by engaging with skilled freelancers.

Glossary Description: The term “Buyer” by tennerr encapsulates the platform’s essence as a dynamic hub of opportunity and creativity. Buyers are visionary individuals or entities who recognize the power of tapping into specialized talent to achieve their project goals.

Buyers play a pivotal role in the freelance journey. They post project listings, detailing their requirements, objectives, and expectations. These listings serve as invitations for freelancers to showcase their expertise, offering tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each Buyer.

tennerr empowers Buyers to explore a rich landscape of freelance professionals representing diverse disciplines. This allows Buyers to curate project teams comprising the best-suited talents, resulting in a synergy that drives innovation and high-quality deliverables.

As strategic partners in the freelance process, Buyers provide the context, goals, and direction necessary for freelancers to thrive. This collaboration, facilitated by the platform, sparks a virtuous cycle of creativity, ideation, and execution.

In essence, a Buyer by tennerr embodies the spirit of collaboration and opportunity. It is a testament to the platform’s commitment to uniting talents and visionaries, nurturing partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries, and creating a dynamic marketplace where projects transform into remarkable achievements.


Definition: A luminary guide and knowledge alchemist, a consultant is a seasoned expert who illuminates the path to success with their specialized insights and wisdom. They are the architects of transformation, blending their expertise with a sprinkle of magic to catalyze growth and inspire innovation.

Description: In the realm of tennerr, a consultant is not merely a dispenser of information; they are the maestros of guidance, wielding their expertise like a beacon in the mist. Consultants possess the rare ability to distill complexity into clarity, unraveling intricate challenges and presenting solutions that shimmer with brilliance.

A consultant is more than a sage advisor; they are the architects of progress. Their role is to breathe life into aspirations, offering a tapestry of insights and strategies that lead clients from the realm of possibilities to the realm of achievements. Like skilled navigators, consultants steer the ship of creativity and innovation through uncharted waters, transforming vague ideas into concrete plans.

At tennerr, consultants are the heartbeats of transformation. They are the catalysts of growth, the weavers of success stories. From business strategy and marketing marvels to technical triumphs and creative breakthroughs, consultants bring a symphony of skills to the table, composing harmonies that resonate with each client’s unique vision.

Our platform celebrates the spirit of consultation, fostering a fertile ground where expertise blooms and dreams materialize. Whether you seek a consultant to illuminate a path or wish to offer your consulting prowess to those in need, tennerr is the tapestry where luminaries gather to inspire, uplift, and shape the destinies of individuals and businesses alike.

Contingent Worker

Definition: A versatile virtuoso of work, a contingent worker is a chameleon of talent who navigates the professional landscape with agility and adaptability. They are the modern-day renaissance beings, embracing diverse roles and projects while weaving a tapestry of skills that enriches their journey.

Description: In the realm of tennerr, a contingent worker is not confined by traditional boundaries. They are the kaleidoscopic professionals who defy categorization, seamlessly transitioning between roles, industries, and projects. Contingent workers are the embodiment of versatility, embracing change as an opportunity to expand their repertoire and master new domains.

Imagine a skilled acrobat who effortlessly performs on various stages, captivating audiences with each act. Similarly, a contingent worker embodies this spirit, gracefully navigating through the circus of projects and tasks. Their adaptability is their superpower, enabling them to thrive in the ever-shifting landscapes of modern work.

A contingent worker’s journey is marked by exploration and evolution. They are the craftsmen of their destiny, shaping their professional path with purpose and intent. From creative endeavors to technical feats, contingent workers leave their mark on every endeavor they undertake, infusing it with their unique blend of skills and expertise.

tennerr celebrates the essence of the contingent worker, providing a stage where their multifaceted talents shine. Whether seeking a diverse range of projects to sink their teeth into or offering their prowess to elevate ventures, our platform welcomes these dynamic individuals who color the canvas of the professional world with their vibrant hues.

Contingent Workforce Program

Definition: A symphony of talent management, a contingent workforce program is a strategic masterpiece orchestrated by tennerr, designed to harmonize diverse talents into a seamless and dynamic composition. It is a choreographed dance of flexibility and efficiency that empowers businesses to tap into a curated pool of contingent workers for their evolving needs.

Description: Just as a conductor guides musicians to create a harmonious masterpiece, a contingent workforce program by tennerr conducts a synchronized collaboration between businesses and skilled professionals. It is a strategic framework that embraces the ebb and flow of talent demands, seamlessly integrating freelance virtuosos into the symphony of an organization’s operations.

Think of a contingent workforce program as a dynamic ensemble, where each player brings their unique instrument to the performance. tennerr serves as the conductor, curating a diverse selection of skilled performers – from freelancers and consultants to specialists and experts – all ready to take center stage when their expertise is needed.

In this symphony of talent, businesses no longer need to rely solely on a static team. Instead, they can compose a dynamic workforce, adjusting the composition as the rhythm of projects and priorities evolves. The contingent workforce program orchestrates the flow of talent, ensuring that businesses can access the right skills at the right time, whether it’s a solo performance or a grand ensemble act.

tennerr’s contingent workforce program transcends the traditional boundaries of talent acquisition. It’s a grand showcase of agility, enabling businesses to tap into a reservoir of specialized skills without the constraints of permanent hires. With this program, organizations can harmonize their operations with the virtuosity of a well-coordinated orchestra, ensuring that every note of their business journey resonates with brilliance and innovation.


Definition: A master craftsperson of independence and expertise, a contractor by tennerr is an artisan of flexibility and precision, dedicated to crafting tailored solutions for businesses. With a toolkit of skills and a spirit of autonomy, a contractor seamlessly weaves their capabilities into the fabric of projects, adding a touch of ingenuity and innovation.

Description: Imagine a skilled artisan who doesn’t just create a single masterpiece but is adept at crafting a variety of exquisite creations. A contractor by tennerr embodies this versatility and craftsmanship, bringing a unique set of skills to the workbench of business projects.

In essence, a contractor is a creative problem solver. Like a blacksmith who forges custom tools for specific tasks, a contractor hones their expertise to suit the unique needs of each project. They are not bound by the rigid constraints of traditional roles but instead thrive in the realm of adaptation and ingenuity.

Picture a contractor as a skilled weaver, deftly interlacing threads of proficiency to create a tapestry of solutions. Their contributions are like carefully chosen threads, each adding a new layer of expertise and finesse to the final piece. Whether it’s coding, design, writing, consulting, or any other specialized craft, a contractor’s toolkit is vast and ever-evolving.

A contractor’s workshop is not confined to a physical space; it’s a realm of boundless potential. tennerr connects businesses with these agile artisans, ensuring that projects are nurtured by the hands of those who bring a unique blend of skill, dedication, and creative flair. Just as a contractor constructs a sturdy foundation, tennerr’s contractors build a bridge between visions and reality, weaving dreams into tangible outcomes.

With a contractor by tennerr, businesses don’t just receive a job; they gain a partner in innovation. Every project becomes a collaborative masterpiece, shaped by the artistry of a contractor who is as adaptable as they are talented. Like a master craftsman of old, a contractor by tennerr infuses every project with a touch of brilliance, transforming challenges into triumphs and visions into realities.

Custom Offers

Definition: A Custom Offer within the tennerr framework is a tailored and personalized proposal extended by a freelance professional to a client, outlining a unique solution that precisely addresses the specific needs and objectives of a project. It represents a bespoke approach to collaboration, where creativity and expertise intersect to create a one-of-a-kind project proposition.

Glossary Description: The term “Custom Offer” by tennerr epitomizes the platform’s commitment to fostering innovative and flexible freelance partnerships. It embodies the ethos of customization, enabling freelance professionals to craft specialized solutions that resonate with the distinct requirements of clients.

Freelancers leverage Custom Offers as a means to transcend conventional project listings. By understanding the intricacies of a client’s project goals and preferences, freelancers can curate proposals that reflect a deep appreciation for the project’s essence.

Clients, in turn, benefit from Custom Offers as personalized expressions of commitment and understanding. Each Custom Offer is a testament to the freelancer’s dedication to creating a collaborative space where project aspirations are embraced and realized.

tennerr provides a platform that empowers freelancers to extend Custom Offers seamlessly. This process involves a transparent and efficient negotiation, ensuring that both parties are aligned on deliverables, timelines, and financial arrangements before embarking on the project journey.

In essence, a Custom Offer by tennerr is a masterpiece of collaboration, where freelancers apply their artistic flair and expertise to shape project possibilities. It reflects the platform’s dedication to elevating freelancing beyond transactional engagements, fostering partnerships that are built on creativity, understanding, and the shared pursuit of exceptional outcomes.


Definition: The Dashboard within the tennerr universe serves as a dynamic command center, offering users an intuitive and centralized interface to navigate, manage, and optimize their freelance journeys. It’s a personalized hub where freelancers and clients seamlessly access critical information, track progress, and orchestrate their engagements with precision.

Glossary Description: The term “Dashboard” by tennerr embodies the platform’s commitment to empowering users with seamless control and a holistic perspective on their freelance endeavors. This multifaceted interface transforms complex interactions into streamlined experiences, elevating efficiency and informed decision-making.

Freelancers find within the Dashboard a canvas to showcase their professional identity. They curate their profiles, showcase portfolios, manage ongoing projects, and track earnings—all within an organized and user-friendly environment that amplifies their online presence.

Clients, too, navigate their freelance engagements with grace through the Dashboard. They post and manage projects, review proposals, communicate with freelancers, and monitor project milestones, all facilitated by an interface designed for clarity and collaboration.

tennerr’s Dashboard transcends mere functionality. It’s a realm of insights and connectivity, where users gain real-time visibility into project statuses, communication threads, and financial transactions. It fosters a sense of agency, enabling users to engage in projects with confidence and clarity.

In essence, the Dashboard by tennerr is a window into the platform’s universe, where freelancers and clients harness the power of technology to orchestrate their freelance journeys. It embodies the platform’s core values of efficiency, transparency, and seamless navigation, serving as a compass guiding users toward productive, successful, and satisfying freelance experiences.

Direct Sourcing

Definition: Direct Sourcing, as orchestrated by tennerr, is the art of talent acquisition reimagined—a harmonious symphony of precision and empowerment. It is a strategic overture that empowers businesses to pluck stars from the cosmic talent pool directly, bypassing traditional intermediaries and embracing a new era of connection and collaboration.

Description: Imagine strolling through a vibrant marketplace, where artisans display their finest wares, ready to engage with appreciative patrons. Direct Sourcing by tennerr transforms the landscape of talent acquisition into a bustling marketplace of expertise and potential.

At the heart of this concept is the notion of direct connection. Just as a skilled astronomer gazes at the night sky, identifying celestial gems, businesses can now scout and engage with top-tier talent, unhindered by the traditional barriers that often obscure the view.

tennerr acts as a celestial navigator, guiding businesses through the constellation of skills and capabilities. The process is elegantly simple: businesses can directly interact with individuals possessing the exact expertise they seek, ensuring a seamless alignment of project needs and professional prowess.

Think of Direct Sourcing as a cosmic collaboration, where businesses and talented individuals join forces to co-create brilliance. Like an orchestra conductor expertly weaving melodies, tennerr orchestrates a harmonious dance, allowing businesses to select and engage with the perfect soloists for their projects.

In this innovative approach, Direct Sourcing becomes a bridge—a bridge between dreams and reality, aspirations and achievements. tennerr’s platform serves as the foundation, where visions are translated into actionable steps, and where businesses and individuals join hands to bring ideas to life.

Direct Sourcing isn’t just about acquiring talent; it’s about fostering genuine connections. It’s about giving businesses the autonomy to curate their dream team, selecting players who resonate with their vision and values. Just as a curator carefully selects artworks for an exhibition, tennerr enables businesses to curate a lineup of talent that reflects their unique essence.

Ultimately, Direct Sourcing is a celebration of empowerment. It empowers businesses to take charge of their destiny, to seek out and engage with the brightest stars in the talent galaxy. It empowers individuals to showcase their skills on a grand stage, where their expertise can shine without barriers.

In the realm of Direct Sourcing by tennerr, the cosmos of talent is at your fingertips. With the platform’s guiding light, businesses and individuals unite to compose a symphony of innovation, creativity, and collaboration, bringing new dimensions of success and possibility into the spotlight.


Definition: Earnings within the tennerr domain encompass the culmination of a freelance professional’s hard work, expertise, and dedication. It represents the financial rewards reaped from successful project collaborations, reflecting the value freelancers bring to clients and the platform’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating their contributions.

Glossary Description: The term “Earnings” by tennerr encapsulates the platform’s unwavering support for freelancers’ growth, prosperity, and professional fulfillment. Earnings extend beyond financial compensation; they symbolize the tangible outcome of freelancers’ skills, effort, and dedication to delivering exceptional work.

Freelancers’ Earnings are a reflection of their journey on tennerr—every project completed, every milestone achieved, and every client satisfied. As freelancers contribute their talents to diverse projects, their Earnings stand as a testament to their ability to transform ideas into tangible results.

tennerr’s dedication to Earnings goes beyond the financial aspect. The platform provides freelancers with tools and insights to monitor their progress, manage finances, and cultivate a thriving freelance career. It fosters an environment where freelancers’ Earnings are a testament to their evolving skills, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.

For clients, Earnings reflect the value derived from successful project collaborations. It signifies the return on investment, the achievement of project objectives, and the realization of visions. Earnings underscore the platform’s role as a conduit for connecting clients with top-tier talent that brings their projects to life.

In essence, Earnings by tennerr are a tribute to the dedication and skill of freelancers, a testament to the platform’s support and commitment to fostering successful freelance journeys. It is a celebration of achievement, a testament to the power of collaboration, and a mark of the transformative impact of freelancers within the evolving landscape of work.


: An Employee, as envisaged by tennerr, is a valued cornerstone of a dynamic workforce—a collaborator, a contributor, and a catalyst for organizational growth. Embodying dedication and commitment, an Employee is the vibrant heartbeat of a company, working in harmony to breathe life into its vision and mission.

Description: Picture a bustling beehive, where every bee plays a crucial role in building, sustaining, and thriving as a cohesive unit. An Employee, within the realm of tennerr, mirrors the industrious bee, tirelessly contributing their skills, energy, and passion to the collective hive of a company.

At its essence, an Employee is more than just a role; it’s a shared journey, a partnership between the individual and the organization. Like a key instrument in an orchestra, each Employee brings a unique harmony to the symphony of company operations, complementing others and creating a harmonious resonance.

tennerr envisions Employees as torchbearers of company culture, lighting the way with their enthusiasm and dedication. Just as the North Star guides travelers on their path, Employees illuminate the way forward, aligning their personal aspirations with the overarching goals of the organization.

An Employee is a bridge between aspiration and achievement, embodying the ethos of commitment. They invest their time and effort, embracing challenges and milestones alike, to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of success. Their actions are akin to a sculptor meticulously shaping a masterpiece, each stroke contributing to the grand narrative.

Within the tapestry of a company, Employees are threads intricately woven, forming patterns that reflect the organization’s values and mission. tennerr empowers Employees to engage in purposeful work, creating a tapestry that showcases individuality while synergistically contributing to the larger fabric of the company.

Just as a gardener tends to a vibrant garden, nurturing each plant to blossom, Employees are nurtured by tennerr’s collaborative environment. The platform nurtures growth and learning, offering avenues for skill enhancement, career development, and personal enrichment, ensuring that each Employee thrives in their professional journey.

An Employee is not just a title; it’s a testament to dedication. tennerr envisions Employees as collaborators in a grand narrative of progress and innovation. Their contributions, like strokes on an artist’s canvas, shape the masterpiece that is the company, creating a legacy of impact and achievement.

In the realm of tennerr’s vision, an Employee stands as an integral pillar of an organization’s success story. With passion in their hearts, skills in their arsenal, and a commitment to excellence, Employees illuminate the path to growth, bringing to life the very essence of tennerr’s ethos: Empowering Excellence, Elevating Endeavors.

Extended Workforce 

Definition: The Extended Workforce, as envisioned by tennerr, is a dynamic and versatile network of skilled individuals who contribute their expertise, innovation, and energy to an organization’s projects and goals. This interconnected web of talent expands beyond traditional boundaries, embracing freelancers, contractors, consultants, and other specialized professionals, all united by a shared commitment to driving success.

Description: Imagine a bustling marketplace where artisans, each a master of their craft, gather to collaborate, exchange ideas, and collectively create something extraordinary. The Extended Workforce, within the context of tennerr, mirrors this vibrant marketplace—an interconnected community of individuals who contribute their unique skills to collectively achieve remarkable outcomes.

At its core, the Extended Workforce is an embodiment of the diverse tapestry of skills and talents that enrich the organizational landscape. Just as a mosaic artist meticulously arranges individual pieces to form a captivating image, the Extended Workforce aligns disparate skills to create a cohesive and impactful whole.

tennerr envisions the Extended Workforce as a constellation of talent, each individual akin to a shining star contributing their brilliance to illuminate the company’s path. This constellation spans across domains, connecting professionals from various disciplines, united by their shared dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving excellence.

Anchored by flexibility and collaboration, the Extended Workforce seamlessly integrates with an organization’s core team, forming a collaborative ecosystem that thrives on innovation and adaptability. Like threads in a tapestry, each contributor weaves their expertise, seamlessly blending with others to create a rich and vibrant fabric of achievements.

In the realm of tennerr’s vision, the Extended Workforce is not confined by traditional employment structures but is free to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. Just as explorers venture into uncharted territories, members of the Extended Workforce boldly embark on diverse projects, guided by their expertise and driven by a passion for success.

tennerr’s platform serves as a nexus where organizations and the Extended Workforce converge, forging connections that transcend geographical limitations. It provides a space where skills are celebrated, ideas are exchanged, and collaborations flourish, enabling both parties to thrive in an environment that values innovation and agility.

The Extended Workforce is a symphony of capabilities, orchestrated to harmonize with an organization’s goals and objectives. Each contributor is like a musician, playing their instrument with precision and artistry, contributing to a grand composition of achievements and milestones.

Within tennerr’s vision, the Extended Workforce is not just an addition but an integral component, a vital thread in the fabric of success. Their contributions infuse energy, diversity, and expertise, enhancing the organization’s ability to innovate, adapt, and achieve remarkable feats. Just as a kaleidoscope transforms ordinary objects into mesmerizing patterns, the Extended Workforce adds depth and brilliance to the canvas of organizational accomplishments.

In the vibrant tapestry of tennerr’s ecosystem, the Extended Workforce represents the boundless potential of collaboration, a community where talents converge, ideas flourish, and excellence reigns supreme. They stand as living proof that success knows no boundaries, that the pursuit of greatness is fortified by the collective synergy of diverse expertise and shared aspirations.

Fixed Priced Job

Definition: A Fixed Price Job within the tennerr realm signifies a freelance project where the scope of work, deliverables, and financial terms are established through a predetermined agreement between the freelancer and the client. It offers a structured framework that ensures clarity, predictability, and a defined outcome for both parties.

Glossary Description: The Fixed Price Job, a cornerstone of the tennerr platform, epitomizes the platform’s dedication to facilitating straightforward and transparent project engagements. This arrangement empowers freelancers and clients to collaboratively outline project specifics, fostering mutual understanding and shared expectations.

Freelancers embarking on Fixed Price Jobs meticulously outline their proposed deliverables and the associated costs. Clients, in turn, evaluate these proposals, assessing alignment with their project goals. Upon agreement, both parties establish a fixed compensation amount that reflects the full scope of work.

This approach transcends mere financial transaction; it symbolizes a commitment to excellence and accountability. Freelancers, propelled by their defined objectives, strive to meet or exceed client expectations, and clients can confidently anticipate project outcomes within a set budget.

tennerr’s Fixed Price Job structure engenders efficient project management. It encourages diligent scope definition, thereby reducing the potential for misunderstandings and scope creep. This clarity enables both parties to make informed decisions, allocate resources wisely, and ensure timely project completion.

In essence, the Fixed Price Job by tennerr embodies the essence of purposeful collaboration. It echoes the platform’s values of integrity, efficiency, and productive partnerships, underscoring the significance of transparent project scoping and financial commitments.


Definition: A dynamic and independent professional who spreads their wings in the digital realm. A freelancer is a modern-day creative chameleon, offering a diverse range of specialized skills and jobs to clients around the world. Whether it’s crafting compelling words, conjuring captivating designs, or weaving lines of code into digital tapestries, a freelancer fearlessly embraces the art of self-employment.

Description: A freelancer is a spirited individual who possesses the unique ability to transform their passion and expertise into a thriving business. Freed from the constraints of traditional 9-to-5 structures, freelancers soar in the boundless sky of opportunity, leveraging their talents to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of remote work. With an entrepreneurial spirit, freelancers harness the power of collaboration and innovation, seamlessly adapting to projects of varying scales and industries.

At tennerr, we celebrate and support the extraordinary journey of freelancers. Our platform provides a nurturing roost where these agile professionals can connect, showcase their talents, and spread their wings to take on diverse projects. By embracing the essence of independence, creativity, and limitless potential, freelancers by tennerr are the architects of their own destiny, crafting a legacy of excellence one project at a time.

Gig Worker 

Definition: A gig worker, also known as an “on-demand worker” or “independent contractor,” is an individual who takes on short-term, flexible assignments or “gigs” across various industries without committing to traditional full-time employment. These gigs can include tasks such as project-based work, temporary jobs, freelance assignments, and contract roles.

Description: Gig workers are like modern-day adventurers in the world of work. They have the freedom to choose the gigs they want to take on, allowing them to explore diverse opportunities and build a dynamic career portfolio. Rather than being tied to a single employer, gig workers embrace a flexible lifestyle that enables them to pursue their passions, balance multiple income streams, and tailor their work schedule to their preferences.

Gig workers thrive in an ever-evolving landscape where technology connects them with clients, customers, or platforms seeking their skills and expertise. They leverage their talents to contribute to projects ranging from creative endeavors, like designing logos or writing articles, to practical tasks such as delivering groceries or providing rideshare jobs. With the rise of digital platforms and online marketplaces, gig workers can find gigs with ease, showcasing their abilities to a global audience.

In the world of gig work, adaptability and self-motivation are essential. Gig workers must manage their time efficiently, juggle multiple assignments, and market their jobs to stand out in a competitive environment. They take charge of their financial planning, healthcare, and taxes, enjoying the benefits of being their own bosses while navigating the intricacies of a dynamic and decentralized job market.

Gig work is not just a means of income; it’s a lifestyle that offers autonomy, exploration, and the potential to create a unique career path. As businesses and industries continue to evolve, gig workers play a vital role in driving innovation, meeting specialized needs, and contributing their skills to a wide range of projects. Whether you’re a digital nomad, a creative artist, or a skilled technician, embracing the gig worker spirit opens doors to a world of endless possibilities and opportunities.

Glossary Definition: A gig worker is a modern-day freelancer who embraces short-term, flexible assignments across various industries. They have the freedom to choose their gigs, enjoy a dynamic work portfolio, and navigate the gig economy with adaptability and self-motivation. As independent contractors, gig workers contribute their skills to diverse projects, leveraging digital platforms to connect with clients and create a unique career path.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Human Capital Management (HCM) is like the magical wizardry that helps businesses take care of their most valuable treasure—people! Just imagine a powerful spell that helps a company attract, train, and keep the best knights, archers, and wizards in their kingdom. HCM combines enchanting tools and strategies to make sure everyone is happy, motivated, and working together like a perfectly synchronized orchestra.

From recruiting brave adventurers to making sure they have the right armor (skills and training) and are treated fairly, HCM ensures that all the heroes in a company are shining bright. It’s like having a wise sage who knows how to boost morale, solve conflicts, and make sure everyone is on a quest to reach their full potential.

In a world where businesses are like castles and employees are the heart of the kingdom, Human Capital Management is the magical key that unlocks the secrets to a successful, harmonious, and thriving realm.

Independent Contractor (a.k.a. Independent Worker)

Independent Contractor (a.k.a. Independent Worker) is a free-spirited professional who dances to their own tune in the world of work. Think of them as the skilled minstrels of the modern era, offering their talents to various kingdoms without being tied down to just one ruler. These entrepreneurial souls are like magical nomads, bringing their unique spells and charms to different castles and quests.

Unlike knights sworn to a single lord, Independent Contractors wield their skills for multiple clients, casting enchantments of expertise and creativity wherever they go. They’re not bound by the traditional 9-to-5 castle walls; instead, they embark on exciting journeys, slaying projects and delivering results on their terms.

With a quiver full of skills and a heart full of wanderlust, Independent Contractors are the heroes of flexibility and choice. They choose their quests, negotiate their rewards, and weave their own stories of success. Just as adventurers seek legendary treasures, Independent Contractors seek opportunities to shine and grow, all while maintaining their sense of independence and adventure.


Definition: A Job within the tennerr realm signifies a distinct and purposeful freelance endeavor, representing a unique project, task, or job that a freelancer offers to clients. It is a manifestation of creative prowess, expertise, and commitment, culminating in the delivery of tailored solutions that fulfill client needs and aspirations.

Glossary Description: The term “Job” by tennerr encapsulates the essence of the platform’s dynamic and collaborative freelance environment. It acknowledges that every job is an opportunity for freelancers to transform ideas into tangible realities, leaving an indelible mark on the freelance landscape.

Freelancers on tennerr curate an array of Jobs—each a testament to their skills, creativity, and dedication. These Jobs are more than transactions; they are the building blocks of innovative solutions that address client challenges, create visual and functional delights, and contribute to project success.

Clients seeking to harness the power of freelance expertise explore a diverse array of Jobs on tennerr. Each Job represents a potential collaboration, a chance to tap into the collective talents of freelancers who are poised to bring visions to life with precision and passion.

tennerr’s commitment to fostering a thriving freelance ecosystem is reflected in the concept of Jobs. It is a space where freelancers and clients engage in meaningful exchanges, forging connections that result in outstanding project outcomes and the cultivation of lasting professional relationships.

In essence, a Job by tennerr is a beacon of creativity, innovation, and opportunity. It embodies the platform’s values of collaboration, excellence, and the creation of a marketplace where freelancers and clients unite to transform dreams into reality, one remarkable Job at a time.


Definition: Levels within the tennerr ecosystem represent a progressive and merit-based framework that acknowledges and rewards the growth, expertise, and contributions of freelancers. It serves as a dynamic pathway for freelancers to ascend through different tiers of recognition, unlocking opportunities and privileges commensurate with their skills and accomplishments.

Glossary Description: The term “Levels” by tennerr encapsulates the platform’s commitment to nurturing professional development, fostering excellence, and creating an environment where freelancers can flourish and advance. It introduces a gamified dimension to the freelance journey, inspiring freelancers to continually elevate their craft.

As freelancers engage with projects and accumulate positive interactions, they ascend through Levels. Each Level symbolizes a milestone of achievement, reflecting the freelancer’s dedication, quality of work, and commitment to client satisfaction. The Levels framework empowers freelancers to showcase their expertise with an evolving badge of honor.

Beyond recognition, Levels introduce tangible benefits to freelancers. As freelancers progress, they unlock access to premium features, increased visibility, and enhanced opportunities to connect with top-tier clients. This gamified system motivates freelancers to consistently deliver exceptional work and cultivate their skills.

tennerr’s Levels framework extends beyond the individual; it creates a collective ecosystem of excellence. Clients benefit by engaging with freelancers whose Levels signify a track record of proficiency and dedication, ensuring project success and high-quality outcomes.

In essence, Levels by tennerr are a testament to the platform’s dedication to empowerment, growth, and recognition. It embodies the values of meritocracy, continuous improvement, and the creation of a vibrant freelance community where every achievement is celebrated, and every milestone paves the way for new horizons.


In the bustling landscape of tennerr, a “Non-Employee” is a spirited individual who defies the traditional confines of the 9-to-5 grind. This avant-garde professional dances to the rhythm of their own ambitions, unburdened by the conventional title of an employee.

A Non-Employee is a trailblazer of autonomy, a master of their own destiny, and an artist of their own narrative. Unlike a traditional employee, they are not bound by the four walls of a corporate cubicle; instead, they thrive in the freedom of remote work, flexible schedules, and personalized work environments.

In the realm of tennerr, a Non-Employee embraces the canvas of freelancing, wielding their unique skills and passions to craft a bespoke portfolio of jobs. Their diverse talents become the vibrant strokes that paint a vivid tapestry of creativity and innovation.

This dynamic persona thrives in a symbiotic relationship with tennerr’s platform, which empowers them to connect with clients seeking their specialized expertise. The Non-Employee leverages this digital marketplace to embark on exhilarating projects, form collaborations, and breathe life into their professional aspirations.

In essence, a Non-Employee by tennerr is the embodiment of modern work dynamics—a self-made professional who shatters the traditional mold, shapes their own path, and redefines success on their terms. They are the architects of their own journey, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of freelancing with confidence, originality, and the unwavering belief that their creativity knows no bounds.

Mutual Cancellation

Definition: Mutual Cancellation within the tennerr framework signifies a collaborative and transparent process where both freelancers and clients reach an amicable agreement to terminate a project engagement before its completion. It reflects the platform’s commitment to fostering open communication, flexibility, and the mutual well-being of all parties involved.

Glossary Description: The term “Mutual Cancellation” by tennerr embodies the platform’s ethos of understanding, empathy, and adaptability within the dynamic freelance landscape. It acknowledges that unforeseen circumstances or changes in project dynamics may warrant a reevaluation of the project’s trajectory.

In instances where a project may no longer align with initial expectations or circumstances have evolved, freelancers and clients engage in a dialogue to explore the option of Mutual Cancellation. This collaborative decision-making process emphasizes open communication and aims to ensure that both parties find equitable resolutions.

tennerr’s Mutual Cancellation process is a safety net that safeguards the interests of both freelancers and clients. It enables a graceful exit from an engagement that no longer serves the project’s objectives or the parties involved, promoting professionalism and the preservation of positive working relationships.

Through Mutual Cancellation, tennerr encourages a culture of empathy and mutual respect. It recognizes that unforeseen challenges can arise and provides a structured framework for freelancers and clients to navigate changes in project circumstances while upholding the values of transparency and understanding.

In essence, Mutual Cancellation by tennerr is a testament to the platform’s commitment to promoting harmonious freelance interactions. It embodies the principles of adaptability, collaboration, and client-freelancer partnerships built on trust, ensuring that both parties can navigate changes with integrity and professionalism.

Outsourced Workers

In the vibrant universe of tennerr, “Outsourced Workers” are the innovative architects of a borderless workforce. These forward-thinking professionals embrace the power of collaboration across geographical boundaries, redefining the traditional concept of employment.

An Outsourced Worker is an adept individual who partners with clients from around the world through the dynamic platform of tennerr. They seamlessly integrate their unique talents, skills, and expertise into projects that transcend time zones and cultural landscapes, erasing the limitations of traditional office walls.

This modern-day trailblazer thrives by embracing the interconnectedness of our global village. With tennerr as their virtual stage, an Outsourced Worker becomes a symphony conductor, orchestrating a harmonious blend of diverse perspectives, ideas, and talents. They transform geographical distances into opportunities for enriching collaboration and expanding horizons.

In the tennerr ecosystem, Outsourced Workers become the backbone of businesses, injecting fresh perspectives, specialized proficiencies, and efficiency-enhancing solutions. They empower companies to tap into a reservoir of global knowledge and resources while keeping overheads in check, enabling them to adapt swiftly to the ever-changing demands of the modern marketplace.

Ultimately, Outsourced Workers by tennerr embody the spirit of collaborative ingenuity—an avant-garde alliance of professionals who defy geographical confines, seamlessly weave their expertise into the fabric of international projects, and redefine the possibilities of collective success in an interconnected world.

On-Demand Worker

In the dynamic realm of tennerr, the term “On-Demand Worker” encapsulates the essence of nimble, adaptable expertise. These ingenious professionals embody the spirit of agility, seamlessly responding to the ever-evolving needs of clients with precision and flair.

An On-Demand Worker is a virtuoso of flexibility, leveraging the transformative power of tennerr’s platform to offer their specialized skills and talents precisely when and where they are needed. They act as modern-day artisans, crafting bespoke solutions that align perfectly with the unique demands of each project.

In this innovative ecosystem, an On-Demand Worker serves as a catalyst for efficiency, providing clients with a cost-effective alternative to traditional employment models. Through the symphony of tennerr, they harmonize with businesses seeking to optimize resources, streamline operations, and access unparalleled expertise without the constraints of long-term commitments.

Embracing the spirit of collaboration, On-Demand Workers are akin to seasoned troubadours, sharing their mastery across diverse industries and clients. Their ability to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, deliver top-notch results, and then fade into the background once their virtuoso performance is complete exemplifies the pinnacle of agile professionalism.

In essence, an On-Demand Worker by tennerr is an artisan of adaptive expertise—a responsive, innovative, and indispensable partner who epitomizes the transformative potential of the modern workforce. Through their dynamic contributions, they exemplify the embodiment of the tennerr spirit, where agility, collaboration, and exceptional skill converge to craft a symphony of success.

On-Demand Labor

In the orchestral landscape of tennerr, “On-Demand Labor” is the masterful conductor of a harmonious, flexible workforce. This term encapsulates the essence of a transformative paradigm, where skillful individuals seamlessly blend into projects like notes in a melodious composition.

On-Demand Labor represents a symphony of talent, where skilled professionals utilize the dynamic platform of tennerr to offer their expertise precisely when and where it is needed. They become the virtuosos of adaptability, creating a rhythm that synchronizes with the ebb and flow of business demands.

In this innovative realm, On-Demand Labor members act as agile artisans, ready to showcase their talents across a diverse range of projects. By nimbly stepping into the spotlight and performing their roles with precision, they contribute to a harmonious business crescendo, ensuring that each project resonates with success.

Beyond mere flexibility, On-Demand Labor empowers businesses to fine-tune their workforce according to specific requirements. This harmonious approach optimizes resources, reduces overheads, and allows companies to access specialized skills without the confines of traditional employment models.

Much like a symphony conductor skillfully blending various instruments into a beautiful composition, On-Demand Labor members enhance the chorus of business operations. Their ability to seamlessly integrate, perform at their peak, and gracefully exit when their contribution is complete mirrors the fluidity of a musical score.

In essence, On-Demand Labor by tennerr is the embodiment of agile workforce dynamics—a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, flexibility, and specialized expertise. As these orchestrators of success weave their skills into the fabric of each project, they create a harmonious concerto that resonates with the spirit of tennerr’s innovative ethos.


Definition: An Order within the tennerr ecosystem is a structured and formalized arrangement initiated by a client to engage a freelance professional’s jobs for a specific project. It represents the commencement of a collaborative journey where client aspirations and freelancer expertise converge to achieve project goals.

Glossary Description: The term “Order” by tennerr epitomizes the platform’s commitment to facilitating seamless freelance engagements that are underpinned by clarity, professionalism, and purpose. It symbolizes the first step in transforming a project concept into a tangible reality.

Clients initiate an Order by crafting project details, requirements, and expectations, often informed by project listings or customized proposals from freelancers. The Order serves as a blueprint, offering a comprehensive overview that outlines the scope, milestones, deadlines, and any specific instructions for the project.

Freelancers, upon receiving an Order, accept the responsibility to bring the client’s vision to life. They commit to delivering the specified work within the agreed-upon parameters, leveraging their expertise and skills to create valuable outcomes that align with the client’s objectives.

tennerr’s Order process ensures a harmonious and transparent journey for both clients and freelancers. The platform facilitates clear communication, secure payment processing, and a centralized workspace where project details and interactions can be managed, fostering a collaborative environment that supports successful project completion.

In essence, an Order by tennerr is a declaration of intent—an invitation for freelancers and clients to embark on a journey of creative collaboration, innovation, and accomplishment. It underscores the platform’s dedication to professionalism, excellence, and the facilitation of successful freelance partnerships that bring visions to life.


Definition: Packages within the tennerr framework represent curated bundles of freelance jobs, thoughtfully designed to offer clients a comprehensive and value-driven solution for their project needs. They serve as a convenient and strategic way for freelancers to showcase their expertise and provide clients with a cohesive and tailored project experience.

Glossary Description: The term “Packages” by tennerr embodies the platform’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and enhancing the freelance experience for both clients and freelancers. It introduces a structured approach that simplifies the process of engaging freelance jobs while optimizing project outcomes.

Freelancers create Packages that combine their unique skills, jobs, and offerings into easily understandable and customizable bundles. Each Package is a testament to a freelancer’s expertise and understanding of client needs, providing a turnkey solution that accelerates project initiation.

Clients, in turn, benefit from Packages as curated solutions that align with their project objectives. By selecting a Package, clients gain access to a predefined scope of work, deliverables, and pricing, streamlining the project engagement process and eliminating the need for intricate negotiation.

tennerr’s Packages foster a sense of clarity, transparency, and mutual understanding. Clients can confidently choose a Package that resonates with their needs, confident in the knowledge that the scope and value are pre-defined. Freelancers can showcase their versatility and offer a range of tailored solutions to a diverse clientele.

In essence, Packages by tennerr are a testament to the platform’s dedication to innovation and efficiency. They reflect the values of collaboration, customization, and the creation of an environment where freelancers and clients can engage seamlessly to realize exceptional project outcomes.

Part-Time Employee

Definition: A Part-Time Employee within the tennerr ecosystem embodies the spirit of flexible and purposeful work engagement. This unique classification refers to a skilled professional who actively seeks enriching opportunities through the platform while maintaining a tailored work schedule that harmonizes with personal pursuits.

Glossary Description: A Part-Time Employee on tennerr is an adept and agile individual who embraces the modern paradigm of work-life integration. They leverage the platform to engage in meaningful projects and contribute their expertise while maintaining a deliberate balance between their professional commitments and personal aspirations.

These individuals exhibit a remarkable ability to curate their own work hours, allowing them to nurture other passions or responsibilities alongside their tennerr endeavors. This distinct arrangement empowers Part-Time Employees to harness their skills, optimize productivity, and deliver exceptional results to clients.

Part-Time Employees represent the embodiment of the evolving work landscape, where customization, efficiency, and individuality converge. They are celebrated contributors within the tennerr community, enriching the platform with their diverse skills, unique perspectives, and unwavering dedication to achieving both professional fulfillment and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Response Rate

Definition: Response Rate within the tennerr ecosystem represents a quantitative measure of a freelancer’s attentiveness and dedication to client communication. It gauges the percentage of inquiries and messages promptly addressed by the freelancer, showcasing their commitment to fostering meaningful interactions and building strong client relationships.

Glossary Description: The term “Response Rate” by tennerr underscores the platform’s emphasis on effective communication as a cornerstone of successful freelance collaborations. It recognizes that timely and meaningful interactions lay the foundation for trust, transparency, and seamless project execution.

A freelancer’s Response Rate is a reflection of their professionalism and commitment to client satisfaction. A high Response Rate indicates that the freelancer is actively engaged, valuing every interaction as an opportunity to understand client needs, address queries, and provide valuable insights.

tennerr’s Response Rate metric contributes to an environment where clients can confidently engage with freelancers who prioritize open communication. Clients benefit from timely responses that alleviate concerns, clarify project details, and foster a sense of partnership.

Freelancers who maintain a commendable Response Rate demonstrate their dedication to creating a positive and productive freelance experience. They embrace the role of effective communicators, understanding that their responsiveness contributes to smoother project workflows and client-freelancer synergy.

In essence, Response Rate by tennerr is a numerical testament to the power of dialogue and engagement. It embodies the values of attentiveness, collaboration, and the creation of a freelance ecosystem where communication serves as a bridge that connects freelancers and clients, enabling the realization of shared visions and project success.

Resolution Center

Definition: The Resolution Center within the tennerr realm is a dedicated and empowered space where freelancers and clients collaboratively navigate challenges, discrepancies, or concerns that may arise during a freelance project. It serves as a virtual haven for open communication, thoughtful mediation, and the pursuit of equitable solutions to foster positive working relationships.

Glossary Description: The term “Resolution Center” by tennerr epitomizes the platform’s commitment to fostering an atmosphere of professionalism, transparency, and mutual respect within the dynamic freelance ecosystem. It acknowledges that, in the pursuit of project excellence, occasional issues may arise that require careful consideration and resolution.

Freelancers and clients encountering obstacles or discrepancies turn to the Resolution Center as a platform-supported channel for dialogue and resolution. Whether it’s a miscommunication, scope adjustment, or unforeseen challenge, the Resolution Center provides a structured framework for addressing concerns without compromising the integrity of the project.

tennerr’s Resolution Center empowers both parties by facilitating clear communication and encouraging a spirit of collaboration. It provides a safe space for constructive discussions, enabling freelancers and clients to collaboratively explore potential resolutions that align with project goals.

Beyond issue resolution, the Resolution Center cultivates an environment of growth and learning. It encourages open dialogue, enabling freelancers and clients to gain insights into effective communication, expectations alignment, and project management—a knowledge that enhances future collaborations.

In essence, the Resolution Center by tennerr is a testament to the platform’s dedication to fostering meaningful client-freelancer relationships. It embodies the values of professionalism, empathy, and the creation of an environment where challenges are addressed with integrity, transparency, and a shared commitment to achieving project success.


Definition: A Revision within the tennerr framework signifies a purposeful and collaborative phase of refinement in a freelance project, where freelancers and clients work together to enhance the project’s alignment with the client’s vision and objectives. It is a structured iteration process that fosters open communication and ensures the delivery of a polished final outcome.

Glossary Description: The term “Revision” by tennerr underscores the platform’s commitment to facilitating seamless and effective communication between freelancers and clients. It acknowledges that the creative process often requires adjustments and fine-tuning to achieve a harmonious convergence of artistic expression and client satisfaction.

During a Revision, freelancers apply client feedback to make specific alterations, enhancements, or modifications to the project. These iterations serve as a dynamic dialogue, where client preferences and freelancer expertise converge to shape the final deliverable.

tennerr’s Revision process promotes clarity and mutual understanding. It offers a structured space where clients articulate their vision and freelancers implement changes with precision. This collaboration streamlines the creative journey, ensuring that the project evolves in accordance with client expectations.

Revisions are a testament to the platform’s dedication to creating an environment where freelancers and clients co-create and co-evolve. They underscore the importance of attentive listening, adaptability, and the commitment to refining work until it embodies the desired outcome.

In essence, a Revision by tennerr is an artful dance of collaboration and creativity. It embodies the values of transparency, flexibility, and the pursuit of excellence, ensuring that every project undergoes a transformative process that results in a polished masterpiece that delights both clients and freelancers.

Rising Talent

Definition: Rising Talent within the tennerr universe designates a select group of emerging freelance professionals who exhibit exceptional promise, dedication, and early successes within their respective fields. It is a distinguished recognition that celebrates freelancers on the cusp of greatness, marking the beginning of their ascent toward becoming established industry leaders.

Glossary Description: The term “Rising Talent” by tennerr embodies the platform’s commitment to nurturing and empowering the next generation of freelance stars. It serves as a beacon of inspiration, highlighting freelancers who have already begun to leave their mark on the freelance landscape with a trail of impressive accomplishments.

Freelancers awarded Rising Talent status have displayed a pattern of outstanding project delivery, positive client feedback, and a dedication to continuous improvement. This recognition serves as a testament to their potential and provides a springboard for further growth and recognition.

tennerr’s Rising Talent designation is more than a badge; it’s a reflection of the platform’s belief in the power of innovation and fresh perspectives. It encourages freelancers to embrace their unique strengths and seize opportunities to refine their skills, positioning them for future success.

For clients seeking exceptional yet promising talent, Rising Talent freelancers offer a compelling choice. They represent a blend of youthful enthusiasm, untapped potential, and a commitment to delivering standout results.

In essence, Rising Talent by tennerr is a tribute to the dynamism and vibrancy of the freelance community. It embodies the platform’s values of mentorship, encouragement, and the cultivation of a supportive environment where freelancers can flourish and carve out their distinct paths toward becoming industry luminaries.

Risk Management

Definition: Risk Management on the tennerr platform embodies the strategic art of identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential challenges inherent to freelance projects. It is a proactive approach that empowers both freelancers and clients to navigate uncertainties, fostering successful collaborations and project outcomes.

Glossary Description: Risk Management by tennerr is a dynamic process that underscores the platform’s commitment to ensuring seamless project execution and client satisfaction. It involves a series of deliberate actions and informed decisions aimed at foreseeing and addressing potential pitfalls that may impact project timelines, quality, or objectives.

Freelancers and clients engaged in Risk Management on tennerr engage in open and transparent communication. They work collaboratively to evaluate project scope, potential bottlenecks, and external variables that might influence project progression. By doing so, they identify and prioritize risks, allowing for the implementation of effective strategies to minimize or eliminate these challenges.

This approach empowers both parties to make well-informed decisions, set realistic expectations, and allocate resources strategically. tennerr’s emphasis on Risk Management creates an environment where unforeseen obstacles are met with proactive solutions, ensuring projects remain on track and objectives are achieved.

Furthermore, Risk Management encourages a culture of adaptability, fostering resilience in the face of changing circumstances. It enables freelancers and clients to leverage their collective expertise to address challenges promptly and maintain project momentum.

In essence, Risk Management by tennerr is an essential practice that enhances project collaboration, establishes trust, and underscores the platform’s dedication to facilitating successful outcomes while minimizing potential disruptions.

Rogue Spend

Definition: Rogue Spend within the tennerr framework refers to unmonitored or unauthorized expenditures incurred during freelance engagements. It represents a deviation from planned project budgets and financial parameters, highlighting the importance of prudent financial management and oversight.

Glossary Description: Rogue Spend by tennerr embodies the platform’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparent financial practices within the realm of freelancing. It encompasses instances where project-related expenses stray from predefined budgetary guidelines, potentially impacting project viability and client expectations.

Freelancers and clients engaging with Rogue Spend recognition on tennerr collaborate to monitor and manage project expenditures diligently. This entails a proactive approach to tracking costs, anticipating potential overages, and promptly addressing any deviations from the established financial plan.

By recognizing the significance of Rogue Spend, the tennerr community fosters an environment of accountability and financial prudence. Freelancers take ownership of their project-related costs, and clients are empowered to align their spending with their desired project outcomes.

tennerr’s emphasis on Rogue Spend underscores the platform’s dedication to project transparency and integrity. Freelancers and clients are encouraged to openly discuss and resolve any discrepancies, ensuring that financial matters remain aligned with project goals and delivering optimal value for all stakeholders.

In essence, Rogue Spend by tennerr serves as a beacon of fiscal mindfulness, fostering a culture of financial awareness, responsible resource allocation, and collaborative decision-making. It exemplifies the platform’s commitment to nurturing successful freelance partnerships built on sound financial practices.


Definition: A Seller within the tennerr ecosystem is an esteemed freelance professional who offers their expertise, skills, and jobs to fulfill the unique project requirements of Buyers. Sellers are the lifeblood of the platform, driving innovation, creativity, and collaborative success by delivering exceptional value through their offerings.

Glossary Description: The designation of “Seller” by tennerr represents the embodiment of talent, creativity, and dedication within the dynamic freelance landscape. Sellers are visionary individuals who recognize the transformative power of their skills and contribute to the realization of diverse project goals.

Sellers on tennerr curate compelling profiles that showcase their strengths, accomplishments, and unique skills. This virtual portfolio serves as a gateway for Buyers to explore and connect with Sellers whose expertise aligns with their project needs.

Embracing a spirit of partnership, Sellers respond to project listings with tailored proposals that highlight their capabilities and strategies for achieving project success. This initial interaction lays the foundation for collaboration that transcends geographical boundaries.

tennerr empowers Sellers by providing a platform for exposure, connection, and seamless communication. Sellers leverage the platform to engage in meaningful discussions, outline deliverables, and contribute to the realization of project visions.

In essence, a Seller by tennerr is an architect of change, a master of their craft, and a catalyst for innovation. It is a testament to the platform’s commitment to amplifying talent, fostering collaboration, and creating a dynamic marketplace where skills are celebrated, and visions come to life through the expertise and dedication of Sellers.


Definition: A Job within the tennerr realm embodies a finely crafted and distinct offering, representing a specialized freelance task, expertise, or creative endeavor that freelancers provide to clients. It serves as a testament to the fusion of skill, imagination, and dedication, offering clients a tailored solution that fulfills their unique needs.

Glossary Description: The term “Job” by tennerr captures the essence of the platform’s vibrant and collaborative freelance marketplace. It acknowledges that every job is a manifestation of freelancers’ abilities to bring value, innovation, and transformation to a diverse range of projects.

Freelancers curate an array of Jobs on tennerr, each an encapsulation of their unique strengths and creative flair. These Jobs extend beyond transactions—they symbolize the craftsmanship, ingenuity, and dedication that freelancers invest in their work.

Clients seeking to harness the power of freelance expertise and creativity explore a diverse array of Jobs on tennerr. Each Job represents an opportunity to tap into specialized skills and talents, resulting in solutions that elevate projects and exceed expectations.

tennerr’s commitment to fostering a dynamic freelance ecosystem is exemplified through the concept of Jobs. It provides a space where freelancers and clients engage in meaningful collaborations, leveraging Jobs as a bridge to create impactful outcomes and forge enduring professional relationships.

In essence, a Job by tennerr is a gateway to excellence, innovation, and personalized solutions. It embodies the platform’s values of collaboration, specialization, and the creation of a marketplace where freelancers and clients unite to bring creative visions to life, one exceptional Job at a time.


Definition: SOW, or Scope of Work, within the tennerr ecosystem, embodies the foundational blueprint that outlines the parameters, objectives, and expectations of a freelance project. It serves as a comprehensive roadmap, ensuring clarity, alignment, and successful project execution.

Glossary Description: SOW by tennerr encapsulates the platform’s commitment to precision and professionalism in freelance collaborations. It represents a meticulously crafted document that crystallizes the project’s essence, defining the tasks, deliverables, timelines, and any specific requirements that guide the freelancer-client partnership.

Crafting a robust SOW is an essential practice within the tennerr community. Freelancers and clients collaborate to articulate project goals, delineate roles and responsibilities, and establish a clear understanding of project boundaries. The SOW serves as a mutual agreement, aligning expectations and minimizing the potential for misunderstandings.

tennerr’s emphasis on a well-constructed SOW extends beyond its initial creation. Throughout the project lifecycle, freelancers and clients refer to the SOW to ensure that progress remains on track and that project objectives remain the focal point. It acts as a touchstone, fostering open communication and enabling informed decision-making.

By championing the significance of a robust SOW, tennerr empowers freelancers and clients to embark on projects with a strong foundation of clarity and purpose. It embodies the platform’s commitment to professionalism, effective project management, and the cultivation of successful freelance partnerships built on transparency and mutual understanding.

In essence, SOW by tennerr is a testament to the platform’s dedication to excellence and precision, encapsulating the values of collaboration, accountability, and the pursuit of exceptional project outcomes.


Definition: Tags within the tennerr ecosystem are dynamic and expressive labels that freelancers strategically apply to their profiles and projects, offering a powerful way to encapsulate expertise, skills, and project attributes. They serve as a versatile tool for seamless discovery, connecting clients with freelancers and projects that align with their unique needs.

Glossary Description: The term “Tags” by tennerr reflects the platform’s commitment to enhancing visibility, connectivity, and collaboration within the bustling freelance landscape. Tags empower freelancers to succinctly communicate their strengths, enabling clients to navigate the expansive talent pool with precision.

Freelancers thoughtfully assign Tags to their profiles, encapsulating their diverse skill set and niche specializations. These Tags function as a digital portfolio of expertise, presenting a snapshot of the freelancer’s capabilities and allowing them to shine in relevant client searches.

Clients, in turn, leverage Tags as a compass to navigate the myriad project possibilities available on tennerr. By entering specific Tags, clients unlock a curated selection of freelancers and projects that align with their project vision, accelerating the process of finding the perfect collaborator.

tennerr’s Tags are more than mere keywords; they are a testament to the platform’s dedication to tailored engagement. By embracing Tags, freelancers and clients create a seamless bridge between talent and opportunity, enabling collaborations that transcend conventional boundaries.

In essence, Tags by tennerr are a vibrant tapestry that weaves together the diverse skills, aspirations, and passions of freelancers and clients. They embody the values of precision, connectivity, and the creation of a dynamic marketplace where projects and talents converge with grace and purpose.

Talent Pool

Definition: The Talent Pool within the tennerr universe is an ever-evolving constellation of exceptional and skilled freelance professionals spanning a multitude of disciplines. It serves as a dynamic repository of expertise, where freelancers converge to showcase their unique talents, connect with potential clients, and embark on collaborative journeys.

Glossary Description: The Talent Pool by tennerr epitomizes the platform’s commitment to nurturing a thriving ecosystem of creativity, innovation, and collaboration. It’s a virtual nexus where freelancers sculpt their professional personas, weaving narratives of experience, skills, and passions to captivate the attention of clients seeking exceptional expertise.

Freelancers entering the Talent Pool embark on an adventure of visibility and possibility. They meticulously curate their profiles, weaving a tapestry of their achievements, portfolios, and mastery. By doing so, they radiate their capabilities to potential clients, resonating with those who seek their distinctive skills.

For clients, the Talent Pool is an oasis of potential, offering a diverse range of professionals ready to enrich their projects with unrivaled proficiency. Whether seeking visionary designers, coding virtuosos, eloquent wordsmiths, or strategic consultants, clients dive into the Talent Pool to discover the ideal collaborator to bring their visions to fruition.

tennerr’s emphasis on the Talent Pool transcends transactional interactions. It underscores the essence of community, forging connections, and igniting collaborations that transcend geographical boundaries. Here, the confluence of creativity and expertise sparks a symphony of innovation.

In essence, the Talent Pool by tennerr signifies an enclave of boundless talent, an embodiment of the platform’s mission to empower freelancers, elevate projects, and create a haven where expertise flourishes and dreams come to life. It stands as a testament to the vibrancy of the freelance landscape, where each star within the Talent Pool contributes to a constellation of extraordinary possibilities.

Temporary Employees (a.k.a. “Temp”)

Definition: Temporary Employees, affectionately known as “Temps,” within the tennerr realm, are skilled professionals who engage in short-term freelance assignments to address specific project needs. They bring their expertise to the forefront, providing adaptable solutions and a breath of fresh talent to enhance project teams and initiatives.

Glossary Description: Temporary Employees, or “Temps,” by tennerr, epitomize the platform’s versatility and agility in meeting the ever-changing demands of the freelance landscape. These nimble professionals step onto the stage of projects as per the needs of the hour, infusing their expertise and energy to propel initiatives forward.

“Temps” are more than just transitory contributors; they are catalysts of innovation and efficiency. Engaging in swift transitions between projects, they bring a unique perspective, fresh insights, and a diverse set of skills that invigorate project teams and foster a culture of dynamic collaboration.

tennerr’s embrace of Temporary Employees as “Temps” underscores the platform’s commitment to fluidity and adaptability. The freelancers who embrace this role seamlessly integrate into diverse project ecosystems, working harmoniously to deliver results within specific timeframes.

Clients, in turn, find a wellspring of on-demand talent in the “Temps” pool, allowing them to harness specialized skills without the constraints of long-term commitments. This symbiotic relationship exemplifies the essence of tennerr—a platform where professionals converge to create, contribute, and champion projects that push boundaries.

In essence, Temporary Employees, fondly referred to as “Temps,” by tennerr, breathe vitality into the freelance realm. They are a testament to the platform’s ethos of innovation, collaboration, and the seamless orchestration of skillsets, transcending traditional boundaries and reshaping the landscape of modern work.

Top Rated Sellers (TRS)

Definition: Top Rated Sellers (TRS) within the tennerr ecosystem are elite freelance professionals who have demonstrated exceptional skills, reliability, and a track record of delivering outstanding work. This distinguished status recognizes freelancers who consistently exceed expectations, reflecting the pinnacle of professionalism and excellence within the platform.

Glossary Description: The designation of “Top Rated Sellers (TRS)” by tennerr embodies the platform’s unwavering commitment to recognizing and celebrating the finest talents within the freelance community. It represents a showcase of freelancers who have ascended to the zenith of their craft, demonstrating a profound dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

TRS status is a testament to a freelancer’s unwavering pursuit of excellence. It is earned through a consistent display of stellar project delivery, positive client feedback, and adherence to the highest standards of professionalism. TRS freelancers are revered for their ability to consistently transform project visions into remarkable outcomes.

tennerr’s Top Rated Sellers (TRS) exemplify the platform’s dedication to nurturing and showcasing the best in the freelance realm. These distinguished professionals enjoy enhanced visibility, premium features, and opportunities to connect with discerning clients seeking top-tier expertise.

Clients engaging with Top Rated Sellers benefit from a guaranteed level of excellence and a proven history of success. TRS freelancers are artisans of collaboration, leveraging their exceptional skills to breathe life into projects, exceeding expectations, and making a lasting impact.

In essence, Top Rated Sellers (TRS) by tennerr are luminaries of the freelance universe. They embody the platform’s values of quality, integrity, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. TRS status is a symbol of trust, a celebration of accomplishment, and a testament to the transformative power of exceptional freelance talent.

Vendor Management System (VMS)

Definition: The Vendor Management System (VMS) within the tennerr ecosystem is a sophisticated and streamlined digital platform designed to optimize the management, engagement, and collaboration between clients and a diverse array of freelance professionals. It serves as a powerful conduit that empowers clients to seamlessly navigate the freelance landscape and access top-tier talent for their projects.

Glossary Description: The Vendor Management System (VMS) by tennerr redefines how clients engage and orchestrate freelance talent, embodying the platform’s commitment to efficiency, transparency, and transformative collaboration. It serves as a virtual control center, offering clients a suite of tools and features to effortlessly identify, onboard, manage, and evaluate freelance resources.

At its core, the VMS acts as a hub of connectivity, seamlessly integrating the client’s project needs with the skills and capabilities of freelancers within the tennerr community. Clients can harness the VMS to post project listings, set clear expectations, and efficiently sift through a curated selection of skilled freelancers whose profiles align with the project’s requirements.

The VMS facilitates a holistic approach to vendor management. It streamlines the onboarding process, allowing clients to efficiently verify credentials, manage contracts, and facilitate secure transactions—all within a single, intuitive interface. Moreover, the VMS encourages ongoing collaboration by enabling real-time communication, project updates, and performance tracking.

tennerr’s VMS transcends the traditional boundaries of freelance engagement. It fosters a culture of professionalism, accountability, and excellence by empowering clients to navigate the dynamic freelance landscape with precision and confidence. Freelancers, on the other hand, benefit from enhanced visibility, seamless project integration, and an environment conducive to fostering long-term client relationships.

In essence, the Vendor Management System (VMS) by tennerr is a testament to the platform’s dedication to reimagining the freelancer-client dynamic. It embodies innovation, empowerment, and strategic partnership, providing clients with the tools they need to curate exceptional project teams and freelancers with an avenue to showcase their talents, all within a harmonious and efficient ecosystem.

W-2 Employee

Definition: The W-2 Employee within the tennerr domain represents a distinctive category of professionals who engage in freelance assignments while benefiting from a traditional employment framework. This unique classification combines the flexibility of freelancing with the stability and advantages typically associated with W-2 employment.

Glossary Description: The W-2 Employee designation by tennerr embodies the platform’s commitment to providing freelancers with a flexible yet secure mode of engagement. It allows skilled professionals to partake in freelance projects while enjoying the perks of a traditional employment relationship.

W-2 Employees experience a harmonious blend of autonomy and support. They leverage tennerr to connect with diverse projects and clients, retaining the freedom to select assignments that align with their expertise and preferences. Yet, unlike traditional freelancing, they benefit from the administrative ease and stability associated with W-2 employment.

tennerr’s W-2 Employee classification streamlines the administrative complexities often associated with freelancing. It encompasses payroll processing, tax withholding, and benefits, ensuring that W-2 Employees can focus on delivering high-quality work without the burdens of self-managed employment logistics.

Clients engaging W-2 Employees through tennerr gain access to a pool of skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into projects while adhering to the standards of traditional employment relationships. This classification enhances collaboration, project continuity, and quality assurance.

In essence, the W-2 Employee by tennerr embodies a harmonious convergence of freelance flexibility and W-2 employment stability. It reflects the platform’s commitment to innovation, adaptability, and catering to the evolving needs of the modern workforce, providing a novel framework that empowers professionals to flourish within a dynamic freelance landscape.


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