Community Project Manager (Remote)

Community Project Manager (Remote)


Community Management, Planning and Development

Grade: PO1

Responsible to: Project Director

Responsible for: Project Support Officers

Ref no: 02981

tennerr is a leading platform for freelancers and businesses to connect and collaborate on projects. With a global network of talented professionals, tennerr is changing the way work gets done.

About the Role:

We are seeking a highly motivated Community Project Manager to lead and grow our community of freelancers and businesses on the tennerr platform. In this role, you will be responsible for driving engagement and ensuring a positive user experience for our community members.

Job Purpose

To be responsible for managing the delivery of community projects with a probable budget of circa £50,000 annually over the next year, and to ensure that the individual project(s) meet requirements and are to the appropriate quality, delivered on time and within budget. The postholder will lead and manage the project(s) and give and make critical decisions to the development of the project.

This is a “remote” delivery role and the post holder will be required to interface with clients on a regular basis. Additional interfaces will be needed with contractors and consultants. 

Purposes of the Post

  • To take lead responsibility for the development, management and planning.
  • Leading and being responsible for the day-to-day identification and resolution (or escalation) of project issues and management of risks, supporting the management of project interdependencies.
  • Lead, plan and monitor the project/s through the development and updating of project stage plans, and the development of contingency plans.
  • To lead and manage project officers, contractors and consultants in delivering community projects.
  • To coordinate and inform our Master plan in relation to the strategic and operational implementation of asset management.
  • To contribute to all aspects of the Community Management and Development Business Plan.
  • Ensure that all projects and schemes of work are compliant with Best Value scrutiny and are delivered successfully in relation to the quality, time, and budget.
  • Manage the project budget and ensure that the budget monitoring and planning information is prepared in a timely and accurate manner and that budgets are contained within cash limits.
  • Implementing good practice project change control, required configuration management and applying quality management principles and processes.
  • Work with other project managers and colleagues to ensure the overall objectives of the tennerr programme, as it relates to the community element of the programme, are delivered with a coordinated approach between different projects and facets within the programme.
  • To contribute to the raising of the department’s score in independent assessments.

Main duties

  • To be responsible for the management of community projects of the tennerr Programme.
  • As ‘the professional client’ establish briefs, appoint consultants, manage the design, approvals and procurement processes, prepare contracts, and manage the contract delivery and post-contract user satisfaction, and for innovative projects work outside defined policies and implement on new policies to meet the new requirements
  • To manage the interdependencies and interfaces between projects in the tennerr Programme.
  • To manage the tennerr Programme budget and ensure that the budget monitoring and planning information is prepared in a timely and accurate manner and that budgets are contained within cash limits.
  • To ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the required standards.
  • Liaise with and provide advice to, Officers, Members in the formation of projects and programmes and act as ‘the professional client”.
  • Prepare and oversee specifications for the projects within the tennerr Programme.
  • Set high performance and job standards for tennerr Programme.
  • Foster a team work approach to involve all staff, consultants and contractors to encourage enhanced performance.
  • Engender collaborative team working, promoting ownership, responsibility and mutual understanding of the part each plays in the overall delivery of the tennerr Programme.
  • Supervise, co-ordinate and plan the work of permanent staff, temporary staff, professional consultants and contractors involved in the delivery of the diverse portfolio of projects and programmes.
  • Provide advice on how to improve and develop buildings and sites, select consultants and procure building contracts.
  • To plan and control the Departments investment budget to complement resources.
  • To manage appropriate programmes for day-to-day of our community platform and advise and assist stakeholders where required.
  • In consultation with Stakeholders to develop a range of support packages that will ensure effective procurement, website maintenance, contracts and jobs.
  • In consultation with the Programme Manager commission designers, contractors, and consultants regarding the successful implementation of the tennerr programme.
  • To ensure that all delegated projects within the section are implemented and reviewed using Best Value criteria.
  • To have responsibility for the delegated expenditure and income budget for the tennerr programme ensuring effective job provision and value for money.

Key Activities

Procurement/Contract Management

  • Commission and manage the client support arrangements necessary to deliver the project/s.
  • Support the Deputy Programme Director in the procurement process, including tender and evaluation, to select and appoint the contractor and partner organisation/s to deliver the programme in accordance with the best value and to meet the specified outcomes.
  • Coordinate the work of contractors, consultants, and the in-house project team (project groups) and support and advisory staff to ensure resources are effectively allocated to key tasks and activities.

Stakeholder Management

  • Lead as the main point of contact for the project/s in respect to external and internal stakeholders, especially community groups.
  • Ensure all Members get the necessary advice and information to enable them to fulfil their roles effectively in policy-making, performance management and scrutiny.
  • Provide advice and support for Community Members and others on the development and implementation of the project/s. 


  • Contributing to the development and implementation of the tennerr Management Plan, through consultation with community and key stakeholders.
  • To monitor and review all tennerr schemes to inform the Corporate Assets Team as measured against the agreed performance targets.
  • To manage key initiatives through agreed projects and schemes to deliver local and national policy e.g. the PSDS, Sports and the Arts and tennerr strategies.
  • To advise the Programme Manager on all matters relating to the tennerr Management Plan, including the condition, suitability and sufficiency of accommodation.
  • To collate a wide range of information in relation to assets for tennerr and other statutory bodies, and for the Best Value performance plan.
  • To project manage a number of individual programmes of work and schemes in relation to tennerr planning which will include monitoring budgets and time scales, in liaison with the Programme Manager.
  • To manage through performance management a team of project officers to ensure that the delegated programme of work is delivered.
  • To project manage all commissioned professionals and contractors in relation to the delivery of the tennerr program and ensure they comply with agreed contract specifications.
  • To produce reports, brief, discussion papers, advice and procedure notes and present them to a wide range of audiences.
  • To keep up to date with local and national developments in maintenance and management and advise the head of the job on good practices.
  • To contribute to the preparation of the revenue budgets for other sections and programmes.
  • To carry out all duties in line with the tennerr equal opportunity policy.
  • Any other duties are commensurate with the post.
  • Undertake all duties in accordance with tennerr policies.
  • Take responsibility appropriate to the post for tackling racism and providing good race, ethnic, minority and community relations.
  • The post holder may be required to work some evenings and weekends.
  • To ensure appropriate Health, Safety and Environmental standards are maintained in all activities.
  • To ensure the programme is delivered with appropriate attention to sustainability.

Competency-Based – Person Specification

Job Title: Project Manager 

Responsible to Programme Manager

 It is essential that in your written application you give evidence or examples of your proven experience in each of the Short-listing Criteria marked E Shortlisting Criteria 
Key Knowledge and SkillsK1 – A skilled and confident manager. A manager who acts at all times in a professional manner. 
 K2 – Educated to a degree level, pr computer qualification or extensive experience of IT field or equivalent. E
Relevant ExperienceE1 – Experience of contract management of IT programmes, including procurement and financial control.E2 – Experience in the educational environment.E3 – Knowledge of the impact of design, IT on the delivery of education and improving standards.E4 – Control of consultants’ jobs.E5 – Contract/financial negotiations and concluding contract documents.E6 – Ability to work with a wide range of stakeholders and colleagues.EEEE
Key CompetenciesManaging self and personal skills
M12 – Planning StrategicallyManage your own resources and professional developmentDevelop your personal networks
Develop and implement operational plans for projects Provide leadership in your projects Ensure compliance with legal regulatory, ethical and social requirements
Contribute to the development of the culture of your organisation Manage risk
Managing costs and budgets 
Managing procurement Liaising with stakeholders 
M17 – Facilitating changeEncourage innovation in your area of responsibility
Encourage innovation in your organisation
Lead, plan and implement changeM5 – Working with people
Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholdersAllocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in your area of responsibility
Provide learning opportunities for colleagues
M9 – Managing FinanceManage finance for your area of responsibility within budget
M21 – Managing & Minimising Risk
Ensure health and safety requirements are met in your area of responsibility and across the organisationEnsure effective organisational approach to health and safety
Using Resources
M19 – Achieving / Delivering Results
Managing projects
Managing budgets Managing programmes Support customer job problems
Work with others to improve customer job
Build your organisation’s understanding of its market and customers
Improve organisational performance
M20 – Equality and Diversity
Ensure commitment within the division and department to promoting equality of opportunity and diversity, including making it a priority area in terms of informing the vision and objectives for your area and planning and decision making
Ensuring the behaviour, words and actions of those people working within the division and department support a commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity
Identify the diversity and needs of the division’s current customers and potential customers and identify areas where needs could be better satisfied and where the diversity of customers could be improved

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