Fliam (noun)

  1. The unique blend of talents, skills, and experiences that a freelancer brings to the tennerr platform.Example: “John’s fliam was his incredible design talent combined with his in-depth knowledge of sustainable materials.”
  2. An embodiment of a freelancer’s individuality and uniqueness within a marketplace.Example: “Sarah leveraged her unique fliam—her trilingual skills and her experience in international sales—to stand out on tennerr.”
  3. A personal attribute used to differentiate oneself and attract the right clients within a freelance platform.Example: “Understanding and embracing his fliam allowed Robert to find the right clients on tennerr.”
  4. A continuously evolving representation of a freelancer’s growth and development in skills and experiences.Example: “With every new project, Linda’s fliam evolved, showcasing her growing skills and experiences on tennerr.”

Note: The concept of fliam is unique to tennerr and encapsulates the platform’s commitment to empowering individual freelancers to thrive based on their unique strengths.


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