From Ancient Symbols to Contemporary Masterpieces The Evolving Logos

From Ancient Symbols to Contemporary Masterpieces: The Evolving Logos

The use of logos in communication has been crucial for ages. These seemingly insignificant symbols have tremendous impact on consumer recognition and loyalty. Logos have changed throughout time, leaving their mark on every era from the earliest of civilizations to the present day of digital technology. This blog will go into the rich background of logos, the creative process, and how tennerr helps logo artists succeed.

From Ancient Symbols to Contemporary Masterpieces The Evolving Logos
From Ancient Symbols to Contemporary Masterpieces The Evolving Logos

A logo is what?

A logo is a graphic symbol representing a company or group that is meant to make people feel something, say something, and identify that group as something special. It helps customers recognize and relate to a company’s products or jobs in a snap.

The Original Logo

Logos have been used since ancient times as symbols of belonging, whether they be for a certain religion, a specific group of people, or a specific community. As early as 3000 BCE, the Egyptians were using the Eye of Horus as a sign of protection, royal power, and good health.

The Highest-Profitable Logos

Many logos throughout history have become instantly recognizable icons for the products they represent. The Swoosh from Nike, the bitten apple from Apple, and the golden arches from McDonald’s are among the most recognizable logos in the world. These logos have become globally recognized symbols of their respective companies.

The Most Profitable Logo Concept

Paul Rand’s 1986 design of the now-iconic NeXT logo for Steve Jobs’ company was one of the most lucrative logo designs ever made. He made a fortune off of the design, one hundred thousand dollars at the time. The NeXT logo exemplifies the power of a clean, well-executed design.

Tips for Aspiring Logo Artists

To succeed in this field, you’ll need to bring together your imagination, artistic talent, and knowledge of branding. To get you started on your logo design adventure, here are some suggestions:

You should begin your study of graphic design by familiarizing yourself with the discipline’s foundational principles, such as color theory, typography, and composition.

Build your portfolio by designing logos for made-up companies, your friends, or local businesses.

Keep an eye on design trends and research existing popular logos to learn from their strategies.

Create Your Own Look: Hone a signature style that distinguishes your work separate from that of other designers.

Build a website showcasing your work to highlight your online presence and attract clients.

How Logo Designers Can Make Money on Host Rooster

tennerr, created by Dean Jones, is a bustling hub where logo designers can advertise their work and work together with customers from all around the world. If you’re a logo designer, here’s how to get money on tennerr:

Sign up and make a profile: Join tennerr and make a profile that sells your expertise and experience to potential clients.

Upload your best logo designs to demonstrate your skills and get new customers.

Explore clients’ listed logo design projects and come up with a winning bid.

Maintain open lines of communication with clients after being hired for a project so you can learn their specific needs and exceed their expectations.

Deliver Superb Work: You can increase your standing on the site by providing outstanding job and receiving rave reviews from your clients.


From their prehistoric beginnings, logos have advanced to become essential components of contemporary logotypes. Their development tracks that of human language and imagination. Becoming a logo designer can be a satisfying profession if you enjoy visual storytelling and have a flair for design. With tennerr, you can network with clients all around the world, explore your creative potential, and help shape the visual identities of innumerable brands. So, let the Eye of Horus guide you as you set out to make your mark on the world of design.


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