Welcome to Tennerr – Where Every Talent Begins at Ten!

At Tennerr, we believe that every talent deserves a platform to shine, and that’s why we’ve created a marketplace where dreams and creativity start at just ten dollars. Our name, inspired by the iconic ten-pound note, reflects our commitment to making professional services accessible to everyone.

The Perfect Ten: Why We’re Unique

On Tennerr, we embrace the power of the perfect ten. All our services begin at just $10, giving you an affordable entry point to tap into a world of talent. Whether you’re a buyer seeking top-notch services or a seller showcasing your skills, Tennerr is your canvas to create, connect, and succeed.

Leveling Up Your Opportunities

For new users, we’ve set a level playing field. Your journey begins with offerings that start at $10, ensuring you have the chance to establish your skills and build your reputation. But, Tennerr is not just about starting small; it’s about aiming high. As you grow, so do your service tiers. Create three-tiered services, where the basic level always begins at $10, and the standard and premium levels can reach for the stars. Your talents, your rules!

The Supreme Roost: Where Limits Vanish

And then, there’s the ultimate stage – Level 3, our “Top Rated” sellers, known as the “Supreme Roost.” Here, the sky’s the limit (well, almost!). While the minimum service price is $10, our Supreme Roost sellers can set their prices according to their true value and expertise. It’s a testament to your excellence.

More Than Just a Marketplace

But Tennerr is more than just a platform; it’s a community of creative minds and talented individuals. We’re here to support you, connect you, and inspire you to reach new heights. From graphic design to writing, programming to voice acting, whatever your passion, there’s a place for you here at Tennerr.

So, whether you’re here to find the perfect service or unleash your creative prowess, Tennerr is your stage. Join us, be a part of our ever-growing community, and let’s start something amazing – because at Tennerr, it all begins at ten.


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