Trust & Safety at HostRooster

Trust & Safety at tennerr

At tennerr, your trust and safety are our top priorities. We’ve developed a comprehensive system to ensure that every interaction, transaction, and communication on our platform is secure, transparent, and worry-free. Here’s how we’re committed to safeguarding your experience:

Getting To Know Your Sellers Is Easy We understand that getting to know your sellers is essential. With our robust feedback and reputation system, you can review, compare, and make informed decisions when purchasing the jobs you need. Explore seller ratings, levels, and buyer feedback to make confident choices.

Seller Ratings and Buyer Feedback After a seller completes a job, you have the opportunity to rate your experience based on transparent criteria. Your feedback matters and it contributes to the overall reputation of our community. Buyers can leave feedback on their interactions with sellers, promoting transparency and accountability. Reviews and Feeback

Seller Levels Sellers who consistently deliver high-quality work and maintain strong ratings can achieve new levels of status within our platform. These levels come with additional benefits, ensuring that you engage with trusted and reputable professionals. tennerr Pecking Order

Buy And Sell, Worry-Free With millions of transactions occurring, we prioritize your safety through cutting-edge anti-fraud and data security measures. You can buy and sell with confidence, knowing that your transactions and data are protected. Explore Jobs

Personal Details and Privacy We deeply value your privacy. Your personal information is secure and confidential at all times. We never share your data with third parties, ensuring your peace of mind as you engage with our platform. Privacy Policy

Safe Payments All transactions are conducted securely on the tennerr platform. Whether you’re using a credit card, PayPal, or another form of payment, rest assured that we handle everything. Our commitment to security is highlighted by our ICO membership, ensuring your financial information is safeguarded.

Secure Communications Our secure messaging system enables you to communicate and exchange files safely with sellers. Your interactions are protected, allowing you to collaborate seamlessly and confidently.

Customer Support We’re here for you. Our friendly customer support team is available around the clock to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Your satisfaction is our priority. HostRooser Uservoice

At tennerr, trust and safety are the cornerstones of our platform. We’re dedicated to fostering a secure and transparent environment where freelancers and clients alike can thrive. Join our community and experience a world of creativity, collaboration, and confidence. Your journey with tennerr begins with trust.


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