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As a top-tier professional with a rare fusion of skills in finance, commercial strategy, project portfolio management, and operational management, I excel in steering large-scale transformational change and boosting financial performance. With CEO-level leadership prowess and a knack for translating strategic visions into tangible results, my expertise spans across project management, mentoring, and graphic and web design.



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Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London
BA (Hons),
Graphic Design
Activities and Societies: BA Graphic Communication Design supports interdisciplinary, hybrid and specialist designers.
During my Graphic Design degree, I gained a breadth of skills and expertise by engaging with a range of specialist Graphic Communication Design practices and disciplinary areas. The course encouraged a blend of generalist, hybrid, and specialist practices by crossing traditional discipline boundaries.

I was able to contextualize my practice by using Graphic Communication Design to explore and address current environmental, cultural, and social complexities. The course encouraged a renewed consideration of consumerism, ethics, and design for social good.

The course had a strong emphasis on "thinking through making" where conventions of the discipline were challenged through rigorous experimentation of ideas, processes, and techniques. This supported the development of my critical and reflective thinking, making me responsive and influential in shifts within the discipline.

Additionally, the course fostered a sense of community and collaboration by encouraging learning strategies that were based on the diverse backgrounds and cultural experiences of the international student and staff community. The course adopted an integrated approach to researching, writing, and making, which was enriched by collaboration as students shared their ideas and interests and constructed knowledge together.
Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UAL)
Graphic Communication Design,
As a student of MA Graphic Communication Design, I had the opportunity to explore how the production of knowledge is intertwined with its form, context, and circulation. The course took an expanded approach to the idea of research, combining studio and writing practice to engage critically with graphic design as both a creative practice and a subject of study.

Through iterative and open-ended experimentation with visual media and tools of communication, I developed work that investigated existing knowledge, activated positions, and projected new forms of knowledge within and beyond the discipline.

The course engaged with studio and writing practice as a form of rigorous enquiry, allowing me and my fellow students and staff to explore how graphic design is a situated and relational discipline that both reflects and reconfigures its cultural, social, and environmental conditions.

Our community of practitioners critically interrogated the academic and professional contexts for practice, as well as the very nature of the discipline itself, continually co-defining and re-defining the expanding field of graphic design.

MA Graphic Communication Design is part of the Graphic Communication Design program, which in addition to sharing an academic team and studio spaces, offers a range of extracurricular events, lectures, live briefs, and other activities.
London South Bank University
MSc; PgDip,
Building Surveying and Project Management,
Activities and Societies: During my time at London South Bank University from 2007 to 2010, I pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Building Surveying and an MSc in Building Surveying and Project Management. This comprehensive educational journey provided me with a strong foundation in building construction, maintenance, and sustainable usage, enabling me to excel as a building surveyor.

Understanding the critical role that buildings play in our everyday lives – from our homes and schools to our workplaces and public spaces – I was driven to become proficient in this multidisciplinary field. Through a blend of theoretical and practical coursework, I developed a keen eye for assessing the structural integrity, safety, and sustainability of various building types.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my education was the opportunity to engage in hands-on, on-site learning experiences. This not only allowed me to apply my knowledge in real-world settings but also prepared me for the dynamic and ever-changing work environment of a building surveyor. Embracing the fact that no two days would be the same, I honed my problem-solving, communication, and decision-making skills, all of which have proven invaluable throughout my career.
As a proud alumnus of London South Bank University, I am committed to upholding the highest standards in building surveying and project management. Leveraging my expertise, I aim to create and maintain safe, sustainable, and functional spaces that enrich our lives and communities.

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