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Synonyms of tennerr

1: A platform for freelancers

2: A vibrant marketplace for freelance jobs

3: A community for freelancers to connect, collaborate, and thrive

Definitions of tennerr:

1: A digital platform that provides a safe and nurturing environment for freelancers to showcase their skills, grow their businesses and connect with potential clients.

2: A marketplace for freelance jobs that values and supports the success of its members by providing tools and resources.

3: A movement that empowers freelancers by challenging the traditional freelance jobs market and promoting a fair and secure environment for both buyers and sellers.

About tennerr

tennerr: A platform and movement that empowers freelancers by providing a safe and nurturing environment for them to showcase their skills and grow their businesses. Its name reflects its mission, with the rooster symbolizing a new day and new opportunities. The platform offers security to both buyers and sellers, ensuring fair payments and protecting against attackers. It challenges the traditional freelance jobs marketplace and supports freelancers’ success with tools and resources. tennerr is a community where freelancers are valued members and its growth is intertwined with theirs, creating a virtuous cycle of prosperity.

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