Data Science Analytics - Intern (Grad/Masters)

Data Science Analytics – Intern (Grad/Masters)

New York • Remote

Full Job Description
The Summer Internship at tennerr receives individualized attention, and our goal is to provide you with an experience that is representative of what it is like to really work in this environment. We place qualified interns in projects and groups according to their interests and skill sets, and we make sure that the interns are completely integrated into those groups for the duration of the summer.

Paid internships typically begin in June and last for a minimum of 12 weeks. This schedule is designed to accommodate students whose academic schedules begin in different months. Our summer internships in 2023 will be conducted remotely, with the possibility of spending one week in an office at any point over the course of the program, if the conditions permit.

Join our team and assist us in monetizing tennerr in a manner that is mutually beneficial to users and the firm, in other words, without the use of advertisements. You will have the ability to make use of our data as a member of our team, which will allow you to generate ideas for brand-new and exciting tennerr features that are available to both free and paid members.

In addition to this, you’ll make use of your expertise in analytics to find ways to enhance our subscription growth funnels and create actual business results.

What it is that you will be doing

Conduct data analysis with the objective of gaining an understanding of user behavior and user preferences with the end goal of locating possibilities to develop new features or to promote higher subscriber growth. collaborating with the Product and Engineering team members to plan and carry out trials. Influence the process of strategic decision-making by communicating your findings and suggestions to the board.

Role Requirements

  • Participating in a Master’s degree program at the present time cognitive approach that is characterized by an acute capacity for analyzing and resolving multifaceted issues. Excellent communication and presentation abilities, with the ability to successfully express technical concepts to stakeholders that are not technically oriented.
  • Technical expertise in SQL, Python, or R, among other languages
  • Excellent knowledge of experimentation, namely in the form of A/B testing
  • A proactive and inquisitive person who has a strong drive to continuously learn new things and enhance their skills.
  • A high level of expertise as a power user of tennerr or other comparable jobs

Benefits and Perks

  • Full coverage medical insurance, covering health, dental, and vision care.
  • 16 or more paid holidays, four weeks of paid vacation, and sick days on a need-basis system
  • Paid parental leave (plus fertility, adoption, and other family planning benefits)
  • Options for work that is both flexible and long-term (remote and hybrid)
  • Free time given to volunteers

Where We Stand

Instead of selling adverts or user data, tennerr has opted to offer a premium subscription. This subscription grants users access to additional features and benefits. We are working toward a world that is inclusive, where no one feels like an outsider, and where genuine human connection is as close as the click of a mouse, a text chat, or a voice call. A community in which each individual can feel like they belong. Challenging? Heck yes. Rewarding? Yes, without a doubt. Because of this mission, we have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people all over the world. Come and establish a sense of belonging with us if you find that this speaks to you.


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