Database Engineer (Remote) India

Ever wondered what goes on inside a cloud computing company?

tennerr, a vibrant, fast-growing cloud computing technology firm has its corporate headquarters in London, England, and provides jobs to an active and enthusiastic global developer community. Our goal is to make cloud computing accessible to all developers. On a scale unrivaled by any, we are tackling some of the most difficult and fascinating technical projects now in existence.

We are looking for individuals that are passionate about developing the platforms and infrastructure that will increase the cloud jobs’ scalability, resilience, and development speed.

A seasoned database engineer with a background in operations who can provide operationally viable solutions for data storage and streaming platforms is what we are seeking for. “Provide tools and experience to tackle common operational difficulties, accelerating and simplifying product development,” reads the mission statement of our group. As a team member, you will work with a range of data-related technologies, such as MySQL, Kafka, and Redis, to turn them into platform jobs that advance our objective. NOTE: This position does not function as a “data scientist,” but rather aids in designing and constructing datastore-related platforms for internal stakeholder groups at tennerr. The role expectations are detailed below.

This is an opportunity to construct the tools and jobs that will hasten the creation of tennerr’s cloud capabilities. Jobs will offer a platform for a growing product base and serving a worldwide audience by offering highly available, operationally elegant solutions. You will collaborate with a wide range of product engineering teams from around the organization in this high-impact role.

What You Will Do:

  • MySQL management, operations, and performance optimization 
  • providing as a job managed data platform solutions that ease adoption and provide operational elegance 
  • collaborating collaboratively with the product engineering and infrastructure teams to promote job uptake across the organization 
  • Instruments and monitoring programs created to ensure operational effectiveness 
  • To ease the burden on operations, develop tooling and automation. 
  • establishing optimal techniques for development, deployment, and operation 
  • driving job uptake across the organization 
  • Work with teams and developers to fix website and database issues

What You’ll Contribute to tennerr®

  • Knowledge of MySQL backups, high availability, and performance optimization, as well as experience maintaining MySQL, Percona Server, and MariaDB in a production setting 
  • An outstanding history of creating and automating platform solutions to meet the needs of other technical teams 
  • Knowledge of various data technologies like Kafka and Redis Fluency in programming languages like SQL, Python, and Bash 
  • experience with MySQL Orchestrator, Xtrabackup, ProxySQL, SQL query tuning, and debugging Linux performance 
  • knowledge of configuration management tools like Chef and Ansible

What We Could Make You Happy With:

  • experience with MySQL Orchestrator, Xtrabackup, ProxySQL, SQL query tuning, and debugging Linux performance 
  • having knowledge of both using Kubernetes and using Hashicorp Consul 
  • knowledge of continuous integration tools like GitHub Actions and Concourse 
  • working knowledge of Go readability 
  • Dedicated, robust production engineering with a passion 
  • You are passionate about using automation to avoid repetition (DRY).

What You Should Not Expect From Yourself:

  • demonstrated proficiency as a “data scientist”; this position has a considerably stronger production engineering emphasis. 
  • Processing repetitive support tickets all day long – be the Automator 
  • Engineers follow a detailed and stringent product roadmap, wearing product hats as necessary and assisting in deciding what platform is developed.

Why Working for tennerr Will Be Fun:

  • We are in favor of growth. Some of the industry’s brightest and most fascinating people will be your coworkers. We are a high-performance corporation that constantly pushes itself to advance. Through institutionalized mentoring, LinkedIn Learning courses, and other internal initiatives, we spend heavily on employee development while maintaining a growth perspective in all we do. We also compensate every employee for pertinent conferences, training, and education. 
  • Your financial, emotional, and physical well-being is important to us. 
  • For your physical well-being, we provide a monthly gym reimbursement, and for your convenience, we provide a monthly transportation
  • allowance. 
  • We value inclusivity and diversity. 
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of age, marital status, veteran status, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability status. We are an equal opportunity workplace.


  • Submit your CV with a cover letter about why you would be the best person for this position to:



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