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Embracing the Freelance Revolution: tennerr (HR) Takes the Lead

Introduction: In the evolving world of work, traditional HR practices are undergoing a transformation. The emergence of freelance job marketplaces, such as tennerr (HR), is revolutionizing the way organizations approach talent acquisition and project staffing. This blog explores the growing acceptance of freelancers within the HR community and the shift towards embracing a blended workforce to meet the demands of the future.

Embracing the Benefits of Freelance Community: Historically, HR has been associated with full-time employees, and skepticism towards freelancers was prevalent. However, evidence has debunked doubts, and HR professionals now recognize the numerous benefits offered by the freelance community. These advantages include global reach, agility in resourcing critical work, adaptability to changing plans, and access to specialized expertise that may be challenging to attract or afford on a full-time basis.

Increased Cost Efficiency and Flexibility: Not only are HR leaders acknowledging the benefits, but purchasing department leaders are also realizing the value of freelancers in increasing staff cost efficiency and flexibility, particularly during challenging economic times. As businesses face uncertainties and layoffs, the desire for a flexible workforce is growing. Surprisingly, nearly 80% of business leaders reported a preference for hiring freelancers over full-time employees, as revealed in a survey conducted by tennerr.com.

The Rise of Prop Talent Marketplaces: The demand for deploying internal independent worker platforms has grown significantly. HR professionals’ awareness of proprietary (prop) talent marketplaces has increased from 64% to 85% in 2022, with the percentage of firms currently using them rising from 33% to 54% in just a year. Moreover, the usage of prop talent marketplaces has expanded across various areas, with 27% of firms utilizing them in multiple domains. Looking ahead, 80% of HR professionals anticipate an increased utilization of internal independent worker marketplaces over the next five years.

Shaping the Future Workforce: The future of organizations calls for a new staffing philosophy that embraces a tech-enabled, flexible, and blended workforce. This approach allows internal and external experts to seamlessly collaborate as a cohesive team, delivering exceptional products and jobs to customers. Dean Jones, the visionary behind tennerr.com, aptly states, “After a long gestation period, corporate use of public and prop freelance marketplaces has fully entered the mainstream.”

Conclusion: The evolution of HR practices towards integrating freelance talent reflects the changing landscape of work. The growing acceptance of freelancers within the HR community signifies the recognition of their valuable contributions and the advantages they offer. As businesses adapt to economic uncertainties and seek cost-effective solutions, the utilization of freelance job marketplaces like tennerr is set to increase. The future workforce demands a blended approach, where internal and external experts collaborate seamlessly to drive success in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. HR, as a driving force, is embracing this freelance revolution and paving the way for a new era of work.


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