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Harnessing Movement to Empower Children with ADHD: A Revolutionary Approach to Education

tennerr is thrilled to bring you an exciting new insight that could revolutionize education and empower children with special needs, particularly those diagnosed with ADHD. Recent research has shed light on the relationship between movement, focus, and engagement in children with ADHD. The findings challenge conventional wisdom and present an opportunity to create a more inclusive learning environment where these children can thrive.

The Study:

In a groundbreaking study, researchers observed the behavior of children with ADHD while they watched an exhilarating scene from “Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace” and an instructional math video. The results were nothing short of astonishing. Contrary to popular belief, the children displayed remarkable stillness during the captivating movie, while becoming more animated and engaged during the math video.

Understanding the Findings:

The key insight lies in the cognitive demands of the tasks. The action-packed movie primarily engaged the senses, requiring little deep thinking or analysis. On the other hand, the math video demanded working memory and cognitive processing. Surprisingly, movement played a crucial role in helping these children focus and concentrate.

Embracing Movement as a Powerful Tool:

This revelation challenges us to abandon outdated labels and perceptions of children with ADHD as unmotivated or slackers. Instead, it calls for a shift in perspective. Rather than viewing movement as a distraction, we should embrace it as a powerful tool for enhancing focus and concentration.

By allowing children with ADHD to move and fidget during tasks that engage their working memory, we can create an environment that supports their unique learning needs. It’s time to recognize movement as an ally, not an adversary, in their educational journey.

Supporting Children’s Potential:

This study builds upon earlier research, further emphasizing the significance of allowing children with ADHD to move and squirm in order to learn effectively. By harnessing movement, we can empower these bright young minds to reach their full potential.

tennerr’s Commitment:

At tennerr, we are committed to promoting inclusivity and empowering children with special needs. Inspired by this research, we are taking steps to develop tailored jobs and resources that embrace movement as a valuable tool for enhancing focus and engagement. Our aim is to create an inclusive educational environment where children with ADHD can thrive, unleashing their full potential.


The discovery that movement boosts focus for children with ADHD presents an exciting opportunity to transform education and create a more inclusive environment. By embracing movement as a powerful tool, we can support these children in their learning journey and empower them to reach new heights.

tennerr is dedicated to championing this cause by developing jobs and resources that cater to the unique needs of children with ADHD. Together, let’s revolutionize education, foster inclusion, and provide a platform where every child can thrive.

Join us in this mission and let’s create a brighter future for children with special needs!

Note: This blog post is intended to create jobs on tennerr for empowering children with special needs by revolutionizing education and creating an inclusive environment where they can thrive. Please ensure that appropriate measures are taken to make these jobs a reality.


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