The Importance of Adding a Mobile Number to Your tennerr Profile

In today’s fast-paced world of freelancing, effective communication plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth transactions and maintaining a good professional reputation. tennerr, a freelance jobs marketplace, offers a powerful feature that enhances communication between buyers and sellers – the ability to receive notifications via both email and text message. In this article, we will discuss why it is important for sellers on tennerr to add a mobile number to their profile and how it can improve their response rate, thereby avoiding the negative impact of being labeled as “Unresponsive.”

  1. Instantaneous Notification: By adding a mobile number to their tennerr profile, sellers can receive real-time text message notifications whenever a buyer purchases their jobs. In a competitive marketplace where time is of the essence, this feature provides an immediate alert, ensuring that sellers can promptly respond to buyer inquiries and orders. The convenience of receiving notifications directly on their mobile device empowers sellers to maintain a high level of responsiveness.
  2. Reduced Missed Opportunities: Without a mobile number linked to their profile, sellers may rely solely on email notifications, which can be easily missed or overlooked amidst the deluge of messages in their inbox. By including their mobile number, sellers can minimize the chances of missing important notifications and potential job opportunities. Promptly acknowledging and responding to buyers’ requests significantly increases the likelihood of securing projects and maintaining a steady flow of work.
  3. Mitigating the “Unresponsive” Label: tennerr strives to provide a transparent platform where both buyers and sellers can make informed decisions. To ensure accountability and foster trust, tennerr labels sellers who do not respond to inquiries or accept orders as “Unresponsive.” This label alerts potential buyers that the seller may not be actively engaged, which can be detrimental to a seller’s reputation and future opportunities.

By adding a mobile number to their tennerr profile, sellers can promptly address buyer inquiries and orders, preventing the “Unresponsive” label from tarnishing their professional image. The mobile notification feature serves as an effective tool for sellers to demonstrate their commitment to excellent customer job and reliable communication.

  1. Enhanced Customer Job: A major advantage of receiving text message notifications is the convenience and ease of accessing information on-the-go. Mobile devices are readily accessible, allowing sellers to quickly respond to buyer inquiries, address concerns, and update their clients on the progress of their projects. With increased responsiveness, sellers can provide superior customer job, establishing a positive reputation on tennerr and potentially leading to repeat business and positive reviews.

Conclusion: In the competitive freelance marketplace, adding a mobile number to your tennerr profile is a valuable step towards improving communication and responsiveness. By enabling real-time text message notifications, sellers can ensure they never miss important buyer inquiries or orders. The ability to promptly respond to clients’ needs not only helps secure more jobs but also maintains a positive professional image, ultimately leading to long-term success on tennerr. Don’t let missed opportunities or the “Unresponsive” label hinder your freelance career – make the most of tennerr’s mobile notification feature and unlock your full potential as a responsive and reliable seller.


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