tennerr’s Policy on AI-Generated Content

At tennerr, we understand the rapid advancements in technology and the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. We embrace the use of AI-generated content by our users to enhance their jobs and offerings. However, it is essential to establish guidelines and ensure responsible usage of AI tools within our freelancer marketplace.

Guidelines for AI-Generated Content:

  1. Transparency and Disclosure: It is crucial not to mislead others about the nature of the work when it is not entirely human-generated. Sellers should clearly disclose the involvement of AI tools in the creation process.
  2. Responsible Selling: Selling AI-generated content in bulk is not permitted on tennerr. Each project should be approached individually, ensuring that the content meets the specific needs and requirements of the client.
  3. Ethical Usage: The use of AI tools on tennerr should not be employed to spread misinformation, create deepfakes, generate fictitious human faces, or engage in any activity that could potentially harm individuals or violate ethical standards.
  4. Avoid Bias and Discrimination: AI tools should not be used in a way that is biased or potentially discriminates against individuals based on factors such as race, gender, religion, or any other protected characteristics.
  5. Compliance with Terms of Job: Sellers utilizing AI tools are responsible for ensuring compliance with the respective tool and/or program’s terms of job, as well as all applicable regulations and laws.

Content Ownership and Copyrights:

Sellers on tennerr are responsible for ensuring they have all the necessary rights to the content they create, including copyrights. If any content created or delivered through the use of AI tools on tennerr is found to infringe or violate copyrights, existing non-original standards, applicable laws, or tennerr Community Standards, it will be promptly removed from the platform. Additionally, the seller’s account may face permanent suspension.

Adhering to the guidelines outlined above ensures a fair and ethical marketplace for all users, fostering trust and reliability within the tennerr community.


tennerr acknowledges the benefits that AI technology can bring to the freelancer marketplace. However, responsible usage is of utmost importance. By adhering to our guidelines and utilizing AI tools in an ethical manner, sellers can provide valuable jobs to their clients while maintaining the integrity and quality of their work on tennerr.


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