Does tennerr really pay?

Yes, tennerr indeed facilitates payment transactions between buyers and sellers on its platform. When a buyer places an order for a job, they are required to make payment in advance. This payment is held securely by tennerr until the order is successfully delivered and completed to the buyer’s satisfaction.

Once the seller fulfills the requirements of the order and delivers the agreed-upon job, the buyer has the opportunity to review and approve the work. If the buyer is satisfied with the outcome, tennerr releases the funds to the seller.

The payment process on tennerr is designed to ensure a fair and transparent system for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can have peace of mind knowing that they will receive compensation for their jobs upon successful completion. The amount they receive depends on their level on the platform.

tennerr operates on a tiered system where sellers can progress through different levels based on their performance, ratings, and overall success on the platform. As sellers advance to higher levels, they can earn a larger percentage of the total order value. The maximum payout for sellers can be up to 95% of the order value, which is a significant portion of the payment.

The payment system on tennerr encourages sellers to provide high-quality jobs and maintain customer satisfaction. By incentivizing sellers with a fair share of the earnings, tennerr fosters a competitive environment that promotes excellence and encourages sellers to deliver exceptional work.

It’s important to note that while tennerr facilitates the payment process and ensures timely transactions, it is ultimately the responsibility of sellers to comply with any applicable tax regulations and report their earnings as required by their local jurisdiction.

Overall, tennerr’s payment system is designed to provide a secure and reliable platform for freelancers to monetize their skills and expertise. By ensuring that sellers receive payment for their jobs and buyers have a trusted payment process, tennerr establishes itself as a reputable marketplace that values the success and satisfaction of both its buyers and sellers.

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