tennerr Image Policy for Job Listings

At tennerr, we believe that providing clear and engaging images is essential for creating a successful job listing. Our image policy is designed to ensure that all job listings include high-quality images that accurately represent the jobs offered. By following these guidelines, you will help create a better experience for both sellers and buyers on our platform.

  1. Mandatory Image Upload It is mandatory for sellers to upload at least one image when posting a job. This requirement ensures that buyers have a clear understanding of the jobs offered and can make informed decisions.
  2. Maximum Number of Images Sellers may upload a maximum of 10 images per job listing. This allows sellers to showcase their work effectively while maintaining a clean and organized listing.
  3. Maximum Image Upload Size The maximum allowed size for each uploaded image is 20 MB. This ensures that images load quickly and efficiently for all users.
  4. Minimum Image Width and Height All uploaded images must have a minimum width of 720 pixels and a minimum height of 405 pixels. This requirement ensures that images are clear and visible on various devices and screen sizes.
  5. Image Content and Quality Images must accurately represent the jobs being offered in the job listing and must not contain any offensive or inappropriate content. We reserve the right to remove any images that violate our terms of job or are deemed unsuitable for our platform.

By adhering to these image guidelines, you help maintain the integrity of our platform and contribute to a positive experience for all tennerr users. Failure to comply with the image policy may result in the removal of your job listing or further actions as deemed necessary by tennerr.


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