Set success on repeat with tennerr Subscriptions – the ultimate way to work with your favorite freelancers on an ongoing basis.

With tennerr Subscriptions, you can secure freelancers who understand your brand and consistently deliver the quality you trust. Plus, our custom Subscriptions allow you to tailor the jobs to your unique needs, giving you the flexibility you need to achieve ongoing success with long-term goals set from the start.

To start, select the Job you want and keep it going by subscribing for up to six months at a time. You can choose to update your Job’s requirements for each order or keep the same ones going. Payment is also made with more flexibility, as you can choose a comfortable schedule and pay with each order. Subscriptions are available in almost every category.

If you change your mind, you can cancel future orders. Discounts may be offered by the seller, but it is up to their discretion. You will be charged after your order is processed according to the schedule you chose.

If you have a seller that you really like and they are not offering a subscription, you can select only from the sellers that offer Subscriptions from the selected categories. But don’t worry, we keep adding more.

If you don’t want a monthly cadence as offered in the Job, that’s what our custom Subscriptions are for! Ask the seller to create one for you, which allows you to choose your own schedule.

Subscriptions are only available in certain subcategories, and to select sellers.

In case of any queries, refer to the FAQs section for more information.


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