tennerr’s Community Standards Policy

At tennerr, we value and support the hard work and creativity of designers, artists, writers, and creatives around the world. It is essential to us that original work is presented and delivered at all times. We take swift and serious action against any non-original work being sent and/or delivered as original work. The following standards refer to posted or delivered graphic designs and photography on tennerr.

Non-Original Design Standards Don’t portray, sell or deliver others’ work as your own.

Elements that can be similar:

  • Generic shapes – for example, points, lines, squares, ellipsoids, cones, etc.
  • Functional designs – for example, a circle, a diamond, heart, ears on a tiger, wheels on a car, or green color to convey environmental responsibility.
  • Uncopyrightable elements – non-protectable content such as:
  • Short phrases like “Show me the money” or “Beam me up”.
  • Facts and theories like scientific facts or the Quantum theory.
  • Abstract Ideas but not the way an idea is expressed. For example, the very basic plot of comics can be an idea but not the way the designer expressed that idea.
  • Materials that are commonly found in a work of a particular type (for example, the presence of castles, knights, and dragons in a medieval story); Certain elements and details of creative content that are customary or considered necessary to a particular genre.
  • Unique concept: designers must create their own unique implementations of elements, even if the elements are not new, creating a new design concept.

Stock Image and Template Policy Please make sure to have all required licenses for using the stock image or template in your delivery.

Stock Image:

  • Please make sure to use a legitimate stock image from authorized agencies.
  • Don’t deliver post stock images “as is”.
  • Stock images can be used in a transformative way as a part of your delivery.


  • In case you decide to start your design work by using a template, please be sure that your final delivered design is significantly different from the template design, that it has a new look and feel, a unique concept, or transformative use.
  • You are permitted to provide a job that relies on templates found online, but please specify that in your Gig.
  • Sellers who heavily rely on templates in their design work will not be eligible for special seller programs on tennerr, e.g., tennerr Pro.

Publication Delivered work must be customized and unique, meaning the design has not been previously published online or offline and has been invented for the first time.

Posted designs in Gig images, in Graphics & Design category: the design must be the seller’s original work but can be previously published on the designer’s websites or social media. In addition, publishing a Gig image that was previously delivered on tennerr, must be done with the full consent of the buyer who ordered the image.

Intellectual Property tennerr content is based on User Generated Content (UGC). If you believe any of the uploaded content violates your copyright or a related exclusive right, you should follow the process described here.

Upon receipt of a report from a rights holder or an authorized representative, we will remove or restrict content that engages in:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringement

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated content. tennerr embraces the use of new technology and allows content generated by users with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) tools and programs.

However, whenever AI is a part of the work process, it should be proactively disclosed to buyers through the Gig description, and/or during any order requirements discussion.

Do not:

  • Mislead others about the nature of the work when it is not entirely human-generated
  • Sell AI-generated content in bulk
  • Use AI tools to spread misinformation, create deepfakes, or generate faces of humans who do not exist
  • Use AI in a way that is biased or potentially discriminates against individuals

Sellers are responsible for ensuring they have all necessary rights to the content they create, including copyrights. If the content created and/or delivered on tennerr with the help of AI is found to infringe or violate any copyrights, existing non-original standards, applicable law, or tennerr Community Standards, such content will be removed from the platform, and the seller’s account may be permanently suspended.

If sellers use AI tools and/or programs to generate content or deliver jobs, they are obligated to comply with the respective tool and/or program’s terms of job and all applicable regulations.

Incorporating other sellers’ work in your delivery versus profit Arbitrage Sellers are welcome to incorporate purchases which they have all required rights to, in their deliveries. For example designs as backgrounds for music videos, images for websites, images for presentations, etc. With that said, by no means can purchases be delivered “as is” with no significant added value or transformative use, under the misconception that it is the seller’s original work and in order to gain profit from price differences.

tennerr is committed to providing a platform that supports original and creative work while protecting the rights of intellectual property owners. We take intellectual property rights seriously and will take necessary actions to remove any content that violates these standards.


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