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Strut Your Job: Crafting Cluckin’ Clear Titles and Descriptions on tennerr

Hey there, you fabulous freelancers! Today, we’re going to talk about how to make your tennerr jobs truly shine with clear and concise titles and descriptions. After all, the first impression is everything, and your buyers need to know exactly what they’re getting. So, let’s dive in, feathered friends!

First, let’s talk titles. The key to a great title is making it short, sweet, and chock-full of keywords. Remember to start with “I will…” followed by the job you’re offering.

Good Title:

“I will design a stunning logo in 24 hours”

Bad Title:

“I will make you a logo thingy or something”

Now, let’s move on to descriptions. A well-written description should be detailed, focused, and answer any questions buyers might have about your job. Keep it clear, concise, and informative.

Good Description:

“I will design a stunning, custom logo for your brand within 24 hours. My job includes three initial concepts, unlimited revisions, and final files in various formats (JPEG, PNG, and vector). Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I will work closely with you to create a logo that reflects your brand’s unique identity.”

Bad Description:

“I will make a logo for you. It will be cool, I guess. I’ll do some stuff, and you’ll get it when it’s done. No worries, it’ll be fine.”

To sum it up, cluckin’ clear titles and descriptions are the backbone of successful tennerr jobs. So, go forth, fine-feathered freelancers, and dazzle your buyers with your top-notch offerings. May your titles and descriptions be as fabulous as you are!


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